Rock Star Team!

I wish you could have seen all our faces when we received a special visit this week.

Can you guess which person in the picture caught us off guard?


We were just wrapping up a meeting, in which we discussed how our clients are now enjoying over $203 000 of passive income each and every month, and we patted ourselves on the back for generating that in about 20 months.

Yes, I am 'tootin' our own horn here a bit, but one of the keys to success is celebrating your accomplishments and that is a BIG one.

OK back to the story....we were just about to walk out of the room when this sneaky smile came across Leslie's (far right in the picture) face.

She reached under the table and suddenly we hear music......."I Want to Rock and Roll All Night" by Kiss to be exact.

And then bursting through the doors comes Paul Stanley, or at least we thought so until we realized it was Maria, who is an Income For Life member.  But the wig and complete face makeup looked amazing.

She came prepared with microphones and instruments which caused us all to start role playing and singing along with the song.

Who needs the Rock Band video game when you can do it on a whim?!

It turned into an all out celebration with cake and champagne to top it off.

It is moments like this that we dreamed of when starting Rock Star Real Estate.  We need to celebrate and add some energy into the pursuit of our goals, EVERYDAY!!

We are lucky to be able to work with people like Maria as she 'gets it'.  She is able to look back at the big picture and inject some energy into the room, or in her case the entire community.  It is definitely a talent and that is her Rock Star Life, she is living it her way.

What's yours?

Your life, Your way!

- Nick Karadza

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