Renting Out "By the Room" in Toronto in the 1970's for $16/Week!

Real estate has been in our family's blood for a long time.  Our father was flipping houses in the 1980's but before that our Mom was renting out 12 rooms in Toronto in the house that they lived in before we were born.  Tom lived there until he was 3 and somehow vaguely remembers falling down a huge set of basement stairs in his walker.

Get this ... she washed the sheets and cleaned out all the rooms each week for anyone renting from us.  $12/week for a small room and $16/week for the largest room.  Can you imagine?  As we approached the house we actually got a chance to meet the lady who purchased it from our parents in 1976!  And she invited us back in the summer to check out what they've done with the backyard...

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