To Be Productive You May Need Horse Blinders

Be Productive

If there's anything we're good at...

(Because we're not good at a whole bunch of stuff - grammar, spelling and many other supposedly important things.)'s putting our blinders on.

When it comes down to getting something done we basically ignore everyone and EVERY-THING.

And we'll do this for days.

Weeks even.

The last time we were busy finishing some stuff for Rock Star someone asked us if we heard of the recent provincial leadership change in Ontario.

We had no clue about it....and that's not the only thing we don't have a clue about.

The list is long, and conversations go kinda like this:

Person:  "Have you seen that latest viral dance video?"

Us:  "Huh, what, do you mean the guy from South Korea ... yeah, we were on Breakfast TV with that."

Person: "No, these guys dance and make sounds like foxes in the forest."

Us:   "What the....., sorry no idea about any foxes."

Person:  "Hey you guys hear about what's happening to Doug Ford and all his scandals?"

Us:  "He's the mayor of Toronto right?  No idea ... and please don't tell me."

Person:  "Hey did you hear the gossip about...."

Us:  "No, gotta go, see ya."

Person:  "Do you even know who the premier of Ontario is?"

Us:  "Some lady right?  Still spending like crazy over there though, we don't know her name but we know how much debt Ontario is raking up!! - do you?"

Person:  " guys are strange."

Us:  "Seriously think so?  Why thank you!!"

We believe we live at a point in history where the world is your oyster.

You have the ability to live whatever type of life you want.

In fact, we strongly believe, that there is more opportunity for each of us today than perhaps has ever existed ... in the history of mankind.

Yup, seriously.

Old stereotypes are breaking down.

And new ones are finally taking shape.

For example, does anyone really believe that a University Education + Good Job is the key happiness any more?

Or the key to financial security?

It was only 20-30 years ago that it was accepted as the truth.

Today we personally know many folks who are happily living life on their terms with no formal education and no big corporate job.

There is something these people have in common.

When it comes time to getting stuff done - they do it.

They bury themselves in their basements, their condo, where ever ... they seal the doors, black out the windows, hide their phones, ignore their friends and get busy.

They put their blinders on, they focus, and they get to work.

And surprisingly it doesn't seem to take that much actual work to accomplish a lot.

I once build a website in 3 months, it took me two hours each morning (weekdays only) before my family woke up ... so from about 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. every morning for 3 months straight.

No exceptions, every morning.  Tired or not.

And then that website generated over $40,000 in pure profits for me over the next several years without me lifting a finger ... literally not a single finger.  If my math is right (which it may not be) that work was worth about $333/hour.

A friend spent a few hard months launching his own company with a partner.  The first couple of years were very focused and a lot of hours ... he then sold it for millions and travelled the world for months and months.

Another friend spends intense amounts of time looking for properties to build and flip.  He works hard for very focused and relatively short amounts of time and then cashes in - sometimes for seven-figure paydays.

The marketing systems we've put together for Rock Star continue to generate millions in gross revenues.  One day we'll sit down and figure out how that time has been worth per hour - just for kicks - because we're crazy like that.

The point?

With a little bit of focused effort, you can really accomplish a lot.

There's no way everyone works with extreme focus 8 hours a day, 365 days a year.

But how many people work with ANY focus at all for ANY amount of time?

Truth be told, not many at all.

And with today's advantage of being able to find low-cost contractors for almost anything at places like and the opportunities are endless.

(Quick Aside:  We needed a document translated this summer from Croatian to English - and we needed it done quickly.  We posted it on and hired someone within a couple of hours and the next morning it was returned to us in perfect English.)

The opportunity today to increase your own productive output by applying your creative interests is immense.

It's just a matter of sitting down and getting strategic about it.

If you want to get more done it may be time to find your own horse blinders and firmly plant them on your head.

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!




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