No More Airplanes Please

no_planes_21The last week has definitely been a whirlwind.  We left last Wednesday morning for St. Louis, and by the end of the day we had already checked off these from our list of things to do:

- Went on a private, VIP investment property tour in north St. Louis
- Spoke at a U.S. investing event
- Developed a great new relationship with a "short sale" specialist
- Filmed some footage for the next episode of Income for Life TV!
- And got great insight into how U.S. investors are acquiring and profiting in the "new" environment.

Yes, unbelievably that was our first half day!

We were locked up in a conference room from 8AM to 9PM for the next two days.  We both were started to feel like we had been run over by a bus.

Then Saturday came.......

A friend at home was getting married so as any good friend would do (well, maybe) I decided to fly back for the wedding.

I flew back to Toronto Saturday afternoon and raced to the reception in the banquet hall capital of the world, Vaughn, ON.  I should admit that one of the bonuses was that my wife was extremely happy to have a date for the wedding. 🙂

But now what?  I was in Toronto and I had unfinished business in St. Louis?

You got it, my flight left at 6:20 AM the next morning.  I had to get back to St. Louis so I could trap myself in a conference room for the next two days.

We finally returned home for good on returned Tuesday morning at 1 AM from out trip to St. Louis.

Whew!! Time to take a bit of time to recover right?


We have 128 investors registered for our next Income For Life Member Only Event.  The planning has to be finished to make it the best one ever.

We always want to raise the bar, and we think this could be the best one yet.

So in less than a week I was on 8 different planes with 5 different airlines.

I was very happy I could make it back for Mike's wedding but I may have found a new goal to strive for along the way.

A Rock Star jet!

- Nick Karadza

P.S. I hope you are not missing out on the event tonight.  If you are, you can go here to apply online.

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