Navigating Humanity's Greatest Paradigm Shift

Message from Tom & Nick

Before the larger Your Life. Your Terms. Event that just happened a couple of weekends ago, we had an exclusive evening the night before for VIP members with Jeff Booth.

We all gathered at a golf club in Oakville to record an intimate chat with Jeff.

That's myself and Jeff and a bunch of great people in the picture above on that Friday night.

Personally I consider his book, The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future, one of the best resources to give context for what is going on right now and what comes next.

Technology is on the verge of upending the entire workforce.

It's not just AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The robots are coming and they're going to have's a double whammy.

It's also a normal and natural technological progression for the economy.

But we have a government that gets approx. 50% of its tax revenue from personal income tax.

What happens to that when a whole bunch of jobs get automated faster than anyone is planning for?

What happens to a country's fiscal position when it's already printing loads of cash to fund its spending and then its income tax base erodes?

It's not hyperbolic to say the next few years are going to be a volatile economic roller coaster.

It's being real.

Ask around, we personally know of a factory being built that has no need for humans and is coming online in under 18 months.

No cafeteria, no employee parking, no HR, no HVAC room temperature needs, no lighting needs (robots can work in the dark), no downtime, 24/7/365.

Now let us ask you this...

What happens when AI gets so real-looking so quickly that you cannot discern what is real and what is computer generated?

What happens to the news? What happens to your identity? How do you distinguish what information is "real" and "trustworthy" from what's a deep fake?

Sounds wild, right?

It is.

But there's good news in this as well.

There's already a new global economic system forming and the vast majority of people are either unaware of it or discounting it because they don't have the context to understand it.

Does that sound far fetched to you?

Maybe we're wrong, of course.

And that's why the most important skill we'll all need over the next several years is our ability to think critically.

To analyze for ourselves. To deduce for ourselves. To conclude for ourselves. To select our information sources for ourselves. To verify for ourselves.

One of the things Nick and I can do is share what we think is the best sources of information to make sense of what's going on and then for you to conclude for yourselves what actions to take.

That's why we're sharing the Jeff Booth chat that he gave at the YLYT Event.

We believe it's probably one of the best talks we've heard that breaks down how to think about the two opposing forces that are coming to a head right now: new technological innovation vs an old school monetary system.

We released it less than 48 hours ago and it already has over 15K views.

This is Jeff Booth with his talk: Navigating Humanity's Greatest Paradigm Shift.

You can click right here to watch it on YouTube.

Leave a comment to Jeff on YouTube or follow him on Twitter @JeffBooth and chat with him there.

Living life on your terms is always possible.

We've seen it through the 1990s, the 2000s, the 2010s and again right now.

You just need to understand the rules of the game so that you can position yourself accordingly.

And the rules of the game are changing again rapidly.

We would highly recommend taking the time to watch Jeff's chat and read his book.

You can set yourself up to have a lot of fun over the next few years with the information advantage he offers.

And speaking of information advantages...

This week, we released a new podcast with Daniel Foch.

This young guy has some of the best insights on Canadian real estate that we've ever come across.

We really enjoy chatting with Daniel because he challenges the typical type of real estate thinking.

We talk Toronto real estate, Calgary real estate, infill projects, population growth, interest rates, banking, mortgage renewals, renting vs. owning trends, AI, jobs and more.

You can click right here to access all the different links to his episode:

Critical thinking is going to be key to all of our futures.

The days of "trusted media" sources are long gone. Begin to curate who your trusted sources of information are going to be.

It'll be key to living life on your terms going forward.

Jeff and Daniel are two of ours.

Fun times ahead...if you're ready for them!!

Happy Thursday everyone!


p.s. We have 10 copies of Jeff's book in our office...if you can track us down feel free to pop in and we'll give you a free one. But once they're gone, they're gone.

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