My Hands Were Trembling With Fear & Excitement As I Sent This...

Message from Tom & Nick

Well, look who is having a good time, eh?

Someone is starting the year off right!

Nick is over in Switzerland doing a little skiing on the Swiss Alps.

One of Nick's friends decided to celebrate their birthday with a ski trip, and Nick is over there tearing up the mountain trails.

He has sent me several shots of the nice patios you can stop at as you journey down the mountain to enjoy a nice drink; love it.

That's how to do skiing!! I mean Blue Mountain is nice and all but this is the proper way to do it, LOL!

Now I'm thinking about the fresh beer, beautiful espressos, and wonderful foods he must be enjoying right at this very moment...and as his older brother, yes I'm envious of it all!

You know, we're very thankful for the way we get to live.

The daily freedom we get to enjoy today can be reverse engineered to a very specific few things.

The real estate we invested in sure helped us financially.

The skills we picked up at Oracle helps us understand sales.

The exposure we got at NetSuite to a startup going from zero to one billion dollar launch on the NYSE definitely helped us understand chaotic growth.

The lessons we took away from Magnetic Marketing taught us how to get a new customer in the door.

But you know what trumps it all?

The mindset shift we got from changing our environment and putting ourselves in the middle of people that were doing what we wanted to be doing and living how we wanted to be living.

One time in Nashville, we attended an event when we were struggling with our business and investing confidence in starting Rock Star...

...a guy we respected a lot pulled us aside and, with his wife, clearly and confidently corrected our thinking. That 2 minute chat changed us forever.

Another time in Baltimore at a mastermind group we explained how we were struggling to find and hire good people...

...someone with 30+ years experience in hiring shared their entire process with us. That changed us forever.

At an event in Chicago we learned that branding was not as important as "connecting" when you're starting a new business...

...and how our life's stories, struggles, challenges were all invaluable business assets to be shared via a process called "influential writing".

At a small group session outside of Cleveland we learned that investing, business, and financial freedom all boiled down to one thing... wasn't your great new idea, your logo, your website or your office. It was your ability to generate new and repetitive interest, how effective you are at getting people to raise their hands and want to do business with you.

Another time in Ohio we were yelled at and told not to come back to this small mastermind (that we paid to be a part of!) unless we fixed this "one thing" in our business...

...we finally fixed it asap and it launched Rock Star forward and changed our lives forever.

You know what's strange about all of that?

All the information about mindset, sales, marketing, investing, real estate and business building exists in books, on websites, in courses and on ChatGPT right now.

The information in and of itself isn't what helped us live life on our terms.

It was the people sharing it that helped change us.

People who were actually doing things, who cared, who were honest and direct with us and held us accountable.

The mastermind groups we have been part of over the years changed the course of our lives...because of the people in them.

We are still connected with them today.

Heck, Jim Shiels is one of them (more on him in a moment).

And each of them have different areas of expertise that we still leverage today.

A quick phone call to one of them can save us hours of time, and thousands of dollars in wasted expense.

The power of good relationships is priceless.

The impact good people have on your own self-image, your self-limiting thoughts, your own personal success is remarkable.

It's why we're super excited to open up the Rock Star Platinum Mastermind for 2024.

This is going to be limited to an absolute max of 12 spots. Perhaps we'll cap it at 10 because we're looking for the exact right mix of people to join us in this.

This is for entrepreneurs who already have a business running and want to take the next step. So it's not for everyone.

It's for people who want to hang around other people who are going to push them to new thinking and new habits.

It's for people who are OK with being uncomfortable in front of a small group and sharing what they need help with.

There is a full day meeting each quarter where we all mastermind together, share success and struggles on any subject: life, time management, investing, business building, operations, marketing, relationships and more.

This year we're also adding a few things.

One is "A Day With Rock Star" where we're opening up our office, specifically our marketing team and our operations team, to Platinum members to give them a "behind the scenes" look at how this business works.

All in the name of sharing and growing together.

If you think this may be the time for you step into something like this you can learn all about it here:

There's an application for it, as there's not enough space for everyone and quite frankly, it's not for everyone.

The deadline to apply is next Tuesday, January 23.

Nick and I know the impact masterminds have had on us and are excited to host and lead this group in 2024.

Back to Jim Sheils...

We met Jim almost 15 years ago at something like this. We've stayed in touch ever since.

We've watched each other's journey through real estate and business.

And now Jim is the reason we're in Florida with Rock Star members.

He built his business with such integrity and offers such real value to investors that we finally have the right team to work with down there with Rock Star members.

This all came from crossing paths at a mastermind and that relationship is now still paying dividends today, and all Rock Star members get the benefit too!

The world is a weird and wonderful place, isn't it? What are the chances that a surfer who lived in California would be the lead person in bringing Rock Star investors amazing properties in Florida!

And on that note...

We recently released three new videos on the Florida property types Rock Star members now have exclusive access to:

Single Family Home rental properties across the state of Florida in hand picked markets. You can check out a video of that here:

video preview

Side-by-side Duplexes in Florida that are built with durability and property management in mind. You can check those out on this video:

video preview

And 4-plexesor as they call them "Quads", that absolutely blew us away. These are built in wonderful neighbourhoods across Florida and we dismissed them at first but now love them. You can check those out here:

video preview

That's it for this week, everyone!

Hope 2024 is off to a great start!

Tom & Nick

p.s. I almost forgot!! What was I "trembling with fear and excitement" about? The very first time I sent a fax (yes, a fax!!) to attend a pricey conference/mastermind was New Years Eve 2006. It was way more money than Nick or I had spent on something like that and I thought maybe I was being irresponsible pushing us to go. Looking back today, that moment set us on a course that changed our lives forever and more importantly, changed our context on what is possible for our lives...forever!

p.p.s. If you want to learn more about the Rock Star Platinum Mastermind for entrepreneurs you can visit and the deadline is Tuesday January 23 to apply!

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