🎄Merry Christmas

Message from Tom & Nick

đŸŽ” We wish you a Merry Christmas đŸŽ” We wish you a Merry Christmas đŸŽ” We wish you a Merry Christmas đŸŽ” and a happy new year!

Totally sang that in my head as I was writing it...and now it's stuck. LOL.

A happy and Merry Christmas from everyone here at Rock Star!

That's us being goofy and getting into the 'festive' mood in the picture up top.

From the top left we have Sarina, Anthony, Kyle, Nigel, Soanya...down to Ashley, Sabrina, Noha, and Cidney.

A couple people weren't there for the picture, so shoutout to Keith, Aidan, Tom, and Nick!

The pre-holiday week can be either hectic or chill, as people zone out and get into holiday-mode.

But at Rock Star, it's been pretty busy!

This is the time we get ready for the new year.

Writing dozens of emails announcing special opportunities for Inner Circle Members.

Putting together the final touch ups on marketing so we're ready to go once everyone's back from the holidays.

Pushing out the 12-page Monthly Investing Newsletter for members (and already working on the next one!)

Driving to different properties and taking new Rock Star Minutes videos so we can share them with you in 2024.

Recording multiple podcasts back to back (keep an eye out for those, we'll be releasing new episodes soon!)

Oh and of course, trying to catch up to all the holiday shopping!

Some of us (aka Nicholas Karadza) seem to always leave these things to the last minute.

(we think it's the adrenaline rush, but don't tell him we said that.)

On the plus side, getting all this work done allows us to focus on what really matters.

Spending some quality time with our families and loved ones.

In the end, this is what we all work for.

We want to have the freedom to spend as much time as we want with the people we love...

To nurture and build meaningful relationships with people...

That's what makes it all worth it.

We'll be taking a short break from this weekly email. But will resume after the holidays. So the next email you get will be in early January.

That's all for now.

We wish you a most wonderful Christmas...

a bright and cheery new year...

and a life lived on your terms!

See you all in 2024!

Rock Star Team

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