The Skills To Give Your Children a Competitive Advantage

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Sometimes we look on in stunned disbelief when a 20-something just graduating college or university explains to us that they don't know what "Wordpress" is.

WordPress is the platform that something like 25% of the entire Internet's websites are built on right now - including this one.

We strongly believe that we live in a world that is quickly, and "right under all our noses," democratizing work.


Here are the skills we believe are needed for the next ten to twenty years of work:

#1 Resourcefulness

Forget memorizing stuff and get resourceful. When presented with a task and little supervision, what are the chances you'll be able to figure something out?

Kids that need a lot of direction, step-by-step details, and who cannot think for themselves are going to suffer in a world where the only constant is change.

Resourceful people can adapt to any environment quickly and that's what they'll need to do.

This includes being able to teach themselves new skills as necessary and being a lifelong learner.

If kids are taught that learning stops with school then they're going to struggle in this world.

#2 Broad Understanding of Technology & Internet Skills

Everyone should know how the Internet works; it's the media platform that is engulfing all others. A basic high-level understanding of the Internet is going to be important (already is).

We attribute a ton of the success of Rock Star to being able to leverage technology.

Once you know how websites are created, email blasts work, YouTube uploads are created and images are edited, you can outsource the work but you need to understand it first.

If you think you're just going to outsource your website, your Facebook ads and your video uploads, you're going to pay a huge premium and you're going to act too slowly in a world that values speed.

Technology skills are a massive competitive advantage.

#3 A Real Skill, Any Skill

You're going to have to be good at something, anything. But you do need a skill. This is where the existing school system comes in nicely because it does a pretty decent job of teaching narrow skills.

But for some skills, you don't need to depend on school. If you want to learn technology, you can learn it by getting a job that exposes you to it. If you want to learn sales you can get a job selling. If you want to learn to speak in front of people, you can get a job that gives you the opportunity for it.

Legal, accounting, dentistry etc. obviously all require the standard education channels... but becoming an elite marketer, a great writer, an excellent video editor etc., do not.

We're going back to a world where everyone is a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, and needs to own a skill.

Skills matter. This point is very overlooked.

#4 A Complete Understanding of How to Attract a Customer

The power and freedom that comes from understanding the principles behind attracting your own clients and customers is considerable.

Too many people look down on this idea. They believe being good at their chosen profession is enough.

Can we be frank?

It's not.

We've never believed we're the best real estate investors Canada has ever produced, but we do believe we're some of the best real estate marketers to our real estate investing business (and for the record, we think we are pretty darn good investors! LOL).

The ability to attract more business than you can personally handle is a game changer. You can throttle your income producing efforts to match the lifestyle you want to live.

Marketing, advertising and sales are highly leverageable skills.


If you combine being resourceful with an understanding of technology and the Internet, with a real skill and some marketing savvy ... WATCH OUT!

The world is your oyster.

But more importantly, we're not talking about using these things to create the biggest company in the world.

We're talking about having the perspective and skills to create whatever income you want to have, whatever lifestyle you want.

Got that? Read it again.

Most kids are on a path to obtain only one of this magical four. Perhaps, you can help them with the others.

We live in an amazing time, recognize them for that and go out and LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS!


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