Marketing Strategy Example: Keeping it Simple

marketing strategy example

Before I get into my marketing strategy example, let me tell you a quick story. My son loves watching Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. If you haven’t watched either of these shows and you’re interested in investing, making money and business this is must-see TV.

There was an episode where a family business that sold decorative garage door covers tried to convince the "Dragons” that they deserved the money they were asking for because they were hard workers and needed a break.

My son screamed, “Uh-oh, they’re finished!” He’s learned from watching the show that the investors listening to these pitches do not respond very well to that type of request. They usually rip these types of people to pieces, and for some reason, my son loves watching it.

With very few exceptions, the Dragons want to see sales, effort and some sort of results.

On the very same episode, a girl trying to get the Dragons to invest in her business couldn’t recall her sales revenues from the last quarter.

Are you kidding me?

She went on a show to ask for investment and didn’t know her sales from the last quarter? What a poor marketing strategy example!

Last month, I met with a business owner who was trying to start a new marketing consulting practice. I asked if he had done any marketing to attract business? His response, only some "free online stuff. You know Tweets and things like that."


I mean, you might as well go stand beside a Little Caesar’s Pizza on the corner with a cardboard cut-out over your head asking to have money thrown at you. This guy is another poor marketing strategy example.

There seems to be a widely accepted belief amongst people that money moves to people because of NEED.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Money has its own rules.

Each time we’re asked to help someone figure out a way to make some money, we break it down like this:

  1. What market are you going to serve?
  2. Do the people or businesses in this market have money to pay for stuff and are they a market that is willing to pay for stuff?
  3. Are you able to offer something of value to this market?
  4. Can you pose a question to this market to get their interest?
  5. When you have their interest do you have the skill required to sell them something?

Find a market.

Reach the market.

Offer them something.

Sell them.

That's the perfect marketing strategy example; short and simple.

Marketing Strategy Example in Real Estate

Look at Rent-to-Own properties.

The Market? People with good income but poor credit.

The Reach? Online and offline advertising, lawn and directional signs.

The Offer? A nice home.

The Sell? An Option fee and first and last month’s rent.

You know what makes us happy? When we see people with no previous sales experience fill a property.

Without knowing it they just completed a series of steps that they can use to make themselves money forever; the perfect marketing strategy example.

You can take this exact process and map it to any industry.

Sometimes people get confused as to why their new business isn’t making them money. If they look at the process mapped above they’re missing one of the steps. Hopefully this marketing strategy example illustrates that.

Updating your LinkedIn profile or tweeting something a couple times a day is not a money making process. Those are poor marketing strategy examples.

One of the very best sales guys I ever met in software came into the office every day, on time, and called his potential customer list all day long until he sold something. He was continually a top performing rep.

Younger sales reps asked him how he always sold so much, and his response, “I come in every day and make calls until I convince someone to buy. And I don’t check my email all day long like you do.”

Simple. Most of the young sales reps were disappointed because they wanted a shortcut or two and he didn’t have any.

Your goal in making money should be to clear the path. Make it as simple as possible to get the order, get the cheque, get the commitment.

Do the critical tasks over and over again. Ignore the rest. Making money isn’t very sexy, but it is rather simple.

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