How to Make Money in Business & Have Fun Doing It

Aside from discussing real estate investing options the second most popular conversation we have at Rock Star is often around business building.

Over the past few years, we've grown Rock Star from literally no clients, no sales and no nothing to hundreds of millions in property sales and millions in revenues.

So today we feel we're not just sharing "theory" with you, we can share "real world" thinking that has actually been tested.

Very often we find ourselves in conversations with people who are, we believe, making business too difficult.

Or, come at it from the wrong place.

Business building doesn't have to be super difficult and in fact, it can be a ton of fun.

With that, here's a single sentence that has the potential to shift everything in your business building efforts:

Write down the conversation your customer is having with themselves before they know about you.

This is big.

This is huge.

This is doggone game changing.

Don't believe how big this is? Let us explain...

We'll use real estate agents as an example.

We're in the real estate business so naturally we come across a lot of this situation.

Many of them get their licenses and then believe "if they could just do one deal a month" life would be just dandy.

So they print off business cards, purchase the perfect website URL for themselves, and begin.

They look around at what everyone else is doing and repeat the same stuff:

"I'll sell your house for top dollar!"

"Want a free home evaluation?"

"I'll reduce my commission fees to next to nothing for you ... I'm the lowest around!"

Or they come up with catchy slogans:

"Call Dan, I'm the sugar in your next home sweet home."

"Call Donna, making you happy is what makes me happy."

This type of approach is one way to go about promoting yourself but that's the problem with it ... it's mostly focused on them and not the customer.

Before a possible client knows about Dan or Donna the real estate agent we doubt they are discussing "happy real estate agents" or "sweet ones".

So what are they discussing?

Business Brainstorming Time

Let's brainstorm a few ideas right here.

What are the types of conversations potential real estate clients are having before they choose their agent?

Possible conversation number one:

If we move from Markham to Mississauga to be closer to work what would we do about school for little Johnny?

We wouldn't have little Johnny's grandma to babysit if we moved closer to your work in Mississauga, what do we do with him before school? How much money would we need for that?

What about school for big sister Sarah? And what about our church group that we enjoy?

Or perhaps it goes like this, conversation number two:

We don't need this big home anymore, let's move closer to the grandkids. But there are no bungalows in that area and we really would love a bungalow.

We haven't bought or sold a house in ages, what the heck is the process? Do we need to remove our velvet pink wallpaper and paint the house like son-in-law Barry told us?

How the heck would we move all our stuff? How much is a real estate lawyer these days? This is sounding like a lot of money isn't it?

Or perhaps like this, conversation number three:

Should we renovate this house and be happy here or sell and buy something bigger/smaller?

If we did sell, how much money would we have left over after all expenses? To get all the features in a home that we want what would we really need to spend?

Will the city allow us to add on square footage to this house?

If we buy another house but want to replicate our beloved basement space, how much would it cost?

Where the Magic Happens

So if we can agree that these are the conversations people are having before they know about me, Mr. Real Estate Super Agent Extraordinaire, how can we use this to our advantage and serve them at the same time?

We're hoping it's getting pretty obvious...

Could we not go around to all of the schools in the area that we work in and do detailed profiles on them all? Could you imagine the value in that?

I'm not talking about the name, the address, and grades ... I'm talking about pictures, interviews with the principal, parents, special and unique programs, before and after programs.

Could we get details of all the daycares in the area and assemble that too?

Could will list out different churches, community groups and social networks in the area?

Could we take it a step further and interview the local retail stores and professionals in the area?

Could we put all of that on a website and in exchange for contact information send out a summary of the local utility companies, fire stations, police stations, phone and cable providers, and more!

Could we even offer a consultation to share all that we know about our area with them?

You bet we could! Would this be of value to our potential customer? Yes, it would!

Would they see us as valuable for putting this all together?

Will all of the people who find our website call us, NO!

Will some, YES!


How about for conversation number two?

Could we list out all of the areas of town that have bungalows and those that don't?

Could we share all of the solutions for getting up and down stairs easily with costs for installation?

Could we explain what renovations are necessary when selling and older home? Which get the most bang for the buck?

Could we explain moving services, real estate legal processes and costs and walk people through an entire real estate transaction?

We could!

How about conversation number three?

Could we interview designers on how they have managed to increase living space in small houses?

Could we talk to contractors about the latest shower designs, steam shower additions and outline the process for doing an ensuite renovation?

Could we explain how to close on a house, do a full basement renovation and how that would all work before the new buyer was to move in?

Could we list out zoning by-laws for building in different parts of the city?

Yes, we can!

The Absolute Best Kept Secret in Business

Here's the best part of all of this.

To assemble everything we just discussed takes time and effort, there's no doubt.

And that's why it's a massive competitive advantage for you to do it.

Because no one else, or at least very few, are willing to!

This is the biggest secret in business!!

The majority of business owners are looking for the quick sale and aren't willing to invest the time to educate, nurture and serve people before they become clients.

And by offering information that answers the questions your potential client/customer has BEFORE they think about hiring you, who do you think they're going to hire when they do?

Well, bad news, it may or may not be you.

But you've put yourself in an excellent position haven't you?

You can come from a place of service and value now.

You are looked at as an expert in this specific area.

You're not going to get ALL the business that comes your way but you're going to set yourself up to get some of it.

And that business will be with some of the most brilliant, respectful people you've ever worked with.

This exact thinking applies to every business.

We know because we know several successful business owners who use this approach and we use it ourselves.

Today, for your business, write out the conversations you think your customer is having before they know you or anyone in your area of work. Provide value by answering those questions.

Your world will never be the same, promise.

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!

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