Long Weekend Lessons

So another long weekend is upon us, well kinda, I guess.

The workday on Monday throws a curveball at us this year but I think many of us will find a way around it 🙂

So how can long weekends and real estate investing possibly mix?

It gives us a chance to notice things that are going on only a short distance away from us.  Sometimes there is a great opportunity right under our noses but we are so ingrained in our daily routines we never get out there and explore.

Last year I was driving along to 401 on the Canada Day weekend to Kingston.  And although I was getting close I knew I wasn't there yet, but I still saw a development of big box stores being built.

I quickly began scanning for a sign of the city I was in and it was.......are you ready for this......Napanee, Ontario.

The only reason I even knew the name is because I had heard the Canadian pop singer, Avril Lavigne, grew up there.

But here I was in Napanee watching some of the biggest corporations in the world expand into the area.  Now, for any real estate investor, this is big news.  This is a very positive sign of future development and growth.

This is something I would not normally have seen but I made a mental note to follow its progress.  So not only was I able to escape for some relaxation time, I was also able to continue realizing opportunity.

One of the other things you might notice this long weekend is some newer developments of condominium townhome bungalows.

Now that's a mouthful.

This has definitely not been a popular type of development in the past.  But keep your eyes peeled as there are more and more of them on the way.

Remember, the Baby Boomers are starting to retire and downsize.  This type of housing, away from the city, has low maintenance and not many stairs.

Once you notice one of these developments you won't stop, because they are popping up everywhere.

There are things going on all around us but often because we have the same trip to and from work we don't get the opportunity to see what is going on.

If you are taking a trip this weekend keep your eyes open.  There is a lot to learn and realize about the areas you are passing, and there is a mountain of opportunity out there if you realize it.

And, most importantly, be safe!

- Nick Karadza

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