Let's Get This Party Started!

Well Nick and I have decided to get wild and start a blog! We'll continue to regularly contribute to where we write articles on Canadian Real Estate Investing.

And we'll use this blog to share quick updates on related themes and to share more personal stories while somehow trying to tie it all back to real estate investing.

I'm typing this first post around 2:30am because I crashed early this evening while trying to get my daughter to sleep in her brand new bed (she graduated from her crib today) and now I'm wide awake! Time management has become an art since the kids arrived on the scene! Who knew.

Anyway, in an attempt to bring this back to real estate let me set some ground rules that we'll attempt to follow. We don't claim to have all the answers when it comes to real estate investing (I figure Trump may still have an edge on us) but we are 100% committed to finding accurate information that we can all benefit from.

For far too long real estate investing, especially in Canada, has been treated as some sort of intimidating "black magic" that the popular media, family and friends seem to distort to no end. So enough is enough, here we are and let's get going. We'll start posting shortly.

If you'd like to get a more of a feel on what we're all about visit and poke around.

Alright, enough for now....I'm off for a snack and then for some shut eye before the kids get up!

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