Just Jump Right Into The Fire Already! Ah!!

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A few years back, I got so pissed off at Robert Kiyosaki that I swore I'd never read another one of his books again.

I think I read another of his books the next day but my anger persisted, LOL.

And my anger, directed right at him, was well placed I thought.

In one of his books, Before You Quit Your Job, he outlines why you shouldn't quit your job before you have a property business plan set.

I was so frustrated with my 9-5 life that I wanted to read that book and quit my job the next day.

That's the reason I bought the book after all ... to learn what I needed to know before I quit, so that I could then go quit.

What didn't he understand?  Didn't he get that I needed to quit ASAP?  Didn't he read all the motivational books that I had read?  Didn't he understand the "law of attraction"?  That I could quit my job and money would be attracted to me ... why didn't he get that?  Did you not understand how the world of metaphysics worked?

I really liked his books and respected his opinion, so hearing that he thought you shouldn't quit your job until you had a proper business plan in place frustrated the heck out of both myself and Nick.

Robert Kiyosaki, unknowingly, forced us to think about what a proper business around helping real estate investors would look like.

Both Nick and I knew we didn't want to just "sell" information like the expensive weekend long boot camps ... we had been to those and knew it wasn't for us.

Luckily at that time, we had begun studying Dan Kennedy's business philosophies and he boiled complicated business plans down to simple, but powerful, philosophies.

One of which was...

How will you get a customer?

We focused very intently on that idea for some time and then magically found Rob Minton in Ohio who had consulted with good old Dan to create a system to attract investors to Rob's brokerage.

We called Rob, paid him, what to us, was a lot of money to use some of those systems and the rest is history...

We quit our jobs.

Our incomes dropped.

We didn't know what we were doing.

We had many frustrating days followed by many frustrating weeks.

We had many people tell us how we should really run our business (we still get a lot of unsolicited advice in this category).

We've made and continue to make many mistakes.

But throughout it all we were in control.

We controlled our lives, our time, our cash flow ... everything.

And the positive moments were and continue to be AWESOME.

The stories of people that have taken action because of something the Rock Star team has helped them with leaves us speechless.

The good vibes that have come back to us from members we've worked with is priceless.

We have a lot to be thankful and grateful for and we are.

But here's something you should know...

Many people tell us that we "got lucky".

That we happened to jump into real estate at a "good time."

And that because we're fortunate to have each other as brother's to count on.

That the timing isn't right for their business or that they don't have a brother.

You know what?

A lot of these people are holding themselves back and using our story to do it.

It's pure bullshit.

You know what we did ... we threw ourselves into the fire and took action.

And you know what?

Many people can do it better than we can.

Including you.

You just need to throw yourself into the fire and get busy.

Here's what we observe with many people...

#1 They either throw themselves into action with no plan.


#2 The hold themselves back from taking action because they continue to work on their plan ... forever.

Both strategies, in our opinion, are incorrect.

You don't need a full business plan to get started in business.  We certainly didn't have one.

But we did work on one thing endlessly and it was this:

How would we get customers?

What SPECIFIC ad would we run?  What would the CALL TO ACTION be to reach out to us?  What would we OFFER these people?

The actual delivery of helping investors find good properties was taken for granted.

We knew that we would have to be good, even great, at helping real estate investors, there could be no exceptions with this.

In any business, the actual delivery of the product or service is typically NOT what makes the business work.

Just like real estate investing, with small businesses, you're never going to know everything until you experience it yourself.

You must throw yourself into the fire.

But there's a way to be smart about it.

There's a way to jump into the fire but to bring a hose with you.

Before you jump make sure you know how to get customers.

And don't know one way.

What ten things are you doing to get new customers?  Not what "one thing" are you doing, what ten things?

You don't jump into a fire and just stand there.

You jump in and put that fire out or you get out.

So if you're frustrated like we were about working in a 9-5 job you do not like, and something inside of you is screaming to quit and begin again, then begin thinking about how you're going to get customers for your new gig.

Read books on marketing, sign up for email lists, attend conferences, become a student of marketing.

It can change your life.

Somehow Rock Star Real Estate Inc. landed on the Canada's Profit 500 list this year as one of Canada's fastest growing companies.

Was it luck?

Or did we jump into the fire with ten hoses?

You decide.

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!

p.s. We're back to liking you Mr. Robert Kiyosaki.  Your book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, change our lives, we're forever grateful.


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