How to Screen Tenants with SingleKey's Tenant Background Report

Not properly screening tenants can be a costly mistake... That's where SingleKey Tenant Background Reports may come in handy.
SingleKey Tenant Background Reports are easy to complete & only take about 5 minutes to finish. The reports pull a full credit report from Equifax, a social media scan, and a background check which is a real-time public document search of over 200,000 databases looking for criminal records, court decisions, past evictions, negative press, social media profiles, public biographies, past employment and more.
In this video learn...
- The features we like about SingleKey and why it may be right for you
- How to effectively use the SingleKey platform and get up to speed quickly
- Tips, tricks & advice from the experience of reading dozens of SingleKey background reports from tenants
- How to read a SingleKey Tenant Background Report & the key items you need to look out for
SingleKey Tenant Background Reports can be a one-stop-shop for your tenant screening needs, so check it out!
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