How to Travel More with Points & Hello from Barcelona!!

Message from Tom & Nick

We just landed in Barcelona!

We’re in town for a wedding! Nigel Ito on the Rock Star team is getting married here and we didn’t want to miss the occasion.

Samantha and Nigel have an epic villa location just outside Barcelona reserved for the big day.

We’re all excited for it!

Today, we walked around Barcelona and although we’ve been here before, somehow I didn’t realize just how much of Gaudí's architecture exists around here.

This is us in front of Casa Batlló.

The official description is a “curving dragon inspired apartment block”.

We just finished eating at Cerveceria Catalana.

This place has over 17K reviews online and now we understand why. The authentic tapas dishes were freaking incredible. I’m already looking for a reason to go back tomorrow, LOL.

Somehow when we travel it clears my mind and gives me such a better perspective on my own life, work, family, business and investing.

I make a point to carve out time at home for reflection but there’s nothing like changing your environment to get a new insight about something important to you.

I remember going to our very first conference in the U.S. when Nick and I just started Rock Star.

They had a promotion going on that expired on midnight, New Year’s Eve.

We were busy with young families, we were busy building Rock Star and quite frankly we didn’t have any spare money to fly down and go to this thing.

But somehow it felt important to be there.

And it changed our lives forever.

I called Nick right before going out for New Year’s saying that I sent the fax to sign us up (yes, a fax!!!).

I think he was shocked because he knew our financial position too, of course.

But today, reflecting back, we’ll both agree that putting ourselves in that different environment somehow changed us.

I vividly remember talking to this one couple that we had looked up to…

…we had the chance to meet them in-person, and we were going on and on explaining some of the challenges we were having.

They had built a great business and we were impressed with what they had done.

At one point they looked at us dead in the eyes and said, “Stop and listen to us carefully. You can’t save the world, you have to save yourselves first.”

At the time that line, that little sentence, changed my life.

It somehow freed me and unleashed a new wave of action that somehow allowed Rock Star to thrive and take the next step of its growth.

You’ve probably heard a version of that type of saying or even read it somewhere.

But the power of having that said to me, in-person, by someone I respected, changed the course of my life.

That’s why we get all excited when we get to host these Your Life. Your Terms. Events.

We know the real value of these events isn’t Nick or myself. It’s not even the other speakers.

It’s all of the conversations going on between the community on that day.

I know for a fact that someone will have their life changed by a small, quick, little comment that is made during a conversation.

Or a new relationship will form between two people who just met for the first time that has the potential to change both their lives.

Sure, the information from the stage is going to be valuable. We have no doubt about that and we’re proud of that.

But we know that’s only part of the benefit of attending.

Changing your environment, even for a few hours, can be enough to give you a new clarity on life.

It has happened to both of us regularly.

And that new clarity allows you to take the next step in your own journey that perhaps you were hesitant to just a day earlier.

That’s game changing to us.

And that is why we’re freaking pumped about this event on Saturday October 14, 2023.

You can check out all the details of what’s going on right here:

And you should know, we’re getting registrations for this event at a faster pace than we ever had before.

So you don’t want to wait to grab your seat.

The line-up is stacked, the sponsors are top notch…you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.

And who knows, attending this event may set you on a course you never dreamed of. It’s 100% possible.

It was exactly this type of thing that changed our lives and we’re forever grateful.

OK, we have some new goodies for you…

  1. Last week, Nick and myself released a new podcast about the state of the economy in Canada and what’s going on with real estate and interest rates. Listen to it here.
  2. And this week we have a brand new podcast with the Prince of Travel, Ricky Zhang & Rohin Jain - How to Travel The World For FREE Using Credit Card Reward Points

Ricky was on the podcast with Anthony a few months back and the feedback was incredible.

Apparently, everyone wants to travel more and you want to do it with points!!

So Anthony managed to convince Ricky to come back on the show to do Part 2 on using your credit cards to maximize your travel.

I had no idea there was a whole movement around this.

You can find a link to that episode below as well.

That’s it for this week!!

Tom & Nick

p.s. If you want to see all the details fo the October 14, 2024 YLYT Event you can do that by visiting And don’t wait to save your seat, we’re going to hit max capacity on this!!

p.p.s If you're a Rock Star Inner Circle member, click here to save your FREE seat for the event. Or reach out to the Membership team by phone or email!

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