How To Fill Your Properties With Top Tier Tenants Using Google Forms!

If you manage your own properties, this video is a MUST watch!

Google Forms can be a fantastic resource for filling your properties fast & effortlessly with well-qualified tenants.

Save yourself the time & effort from phoning every lead that responds to your rental property advertisements & set up a quick Google Form to do the work for you instead.

The "Google Form" method saves SO much time & energy, is more organized, more in-depth, completely free to use and overall MUCH better than the manual, time-consuming way of booking showings for your properties.

Once we learned this new method for pre-screening tenants, we knew we'd never go back to the old way of manually phoning & pre-screening leads again!

We promise you it's that good. Best of all it will only take you minutes to set up a Google Form for yourself & you can copy our entire example Google Form that we used in this video.

Here's the link to the form so you can copy the questions for yourself!



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