How to Crowdfund Your Own Investment Deals Using Addy Invest Technology

Software is enabling real estate investing to completely transform.

Never has this been more clear than after this short conversation with Stephen Jagger, Co-Founder of Addy Invest. Addy is now letting any real estate investor use their software to fund and manage their own joint venture deals and syndications.

You can now use the Addy platform to raise funds from ANY number of investors in ANY dollar increment, plus incorporate for projects, manage legal documentation, and automate everything from distributions to investors, investor reporting & relations, tax documentation and so much more...

Addy has already crowdfunded 26 different investment projects in Canada to allow thousands of people to invest with them in dollar increments ranging from $1 up to about $1600.

And now you can use their technology to crowdfund your own deals too. Check this video out and have your mind BLOWN on the possibilities Addy's technology presents to you as an investor!

Catch it all in our latest Minutes, here!


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