Home Design 101 - How to Maximize Your Home’s Appearance & Value

Home design can be overwhelming! Whether designing your own home for maximum enjoyment or designing a home or rental property to maximize its value, there are A LOT of decisions to make.

In this video, Rock Star Realtor, Andrea McDonald, shares some amazing tips around home design that she’s learned over 15 years of experience, like…

  • How to maximize your home’s resale value with home design

  • How to find the design inspiration that lights you up

  • Why you should pick one cohesive design style

  • What are the most desirable features that buyers are looking for

  • How to pick a timeless design that won’t go out of style

  • How often do you need to update your home to keep updated

  • How home design has changed over the last 15 years

  • How home design trends change in different areas of Ontario

You can email Andrea at Andrea@RockStarBrokerage.com or check out her Instagram to keep up on her cottage adventures @andreamcdonald_homes


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