Happy Birthday......But Should I Really Celebrate?

This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday. My wife and I arranged a BBQ at my home for our friends and it was a great time. I love an excuse to get together with family and friends and enjoy each others company. After all, life really is about relationships isn't it?
Having this birthday and gathering put me into a bit of a reflective mood. It made me realize something.

We celebrate birthdays like they are an accomplishment, but are they?

Most people view the fact that they have lived another year as something to recognize, no matter the circumstances. But what if we barely scraped through the year? Or we sat on the couch and did nothing with the gifts that we have all been given?

Or maybe we got up every morning tired and grumpy, dragged ourselves to work complaining, did barely enough not to lose our job, moaned about traffic on the way home, ate a high-calorie dinner, and plopped down in front of the TV for the night.......for a whole year!! I know I can think of a few people like that.

Is that really something to celebrate?

Not as far as I can tell.

We shouldn't be celebrating the fact that 'we made it' we should celebrate 'what we made' of the last year. What accomplishments have I completed? What goals have I achieved? What have I contributed to my legacy? How have I grown as a person?

It should be the overachieving answers to all those questions that should be celebrated.

I have seen investors just be happy that they purchased an investment property. But they haven't done anything with it!

They will take time just to bask in the glory of becoming an 'investor'.

I've got news for you, that vacant, run-down house you own, it's not much of an investment unless you do something with it.

You have to overcome the hurdles and make something of it. Money usually being the prime objective.

The work or effort that it takes to make it a success can vary, but that is what should be celebrated. Once you have taken a journey down the road in which that investment will lead you, and you have overcome some of the potholes and turns, you will be a better person because of it.

And then it's time to celebrate and make it the best party ever.

Let me clarify one thing. I do feel that being around for another year is a gift for us all and I am grateful for it. I also think that anyone that makes an investment should pat themselves on the back as it can hard breaking through the fear barrier.

But let's save the real celebrations for our accomplishments.

On my birthday I was continually congratulated for making it to 30. That is great, but to me, the real celebration is around the real estate I acquired, or the book I have co-authored (which you can find on Amazon by the way 🙂 you can click here), or the hundreds of private coaching clients I have helped make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now that is a year to remember. These are achievements worth celebrating.

Before I forget about the investor I spoke of earlier.......He did the work he needed to and turned his property into a great investment, and the celebration followed shortly after. But the plan for next time is to get to the party sooner.

So make this your year to really party!!

If it is real estate investments you are striving for, get out there and do it. When you look back you will have grown personally and financially because of them.

And the parties will just keep getting bigger and better!

- Nick Karadza

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