Gentlemen......Start Your Engines

Most of us have heard the start of a race on TV.  It is an exciting moment.  But when you are waiting on Pit Lane ready to get into a 600 HP NASCAR race machine there is a whole new level of anticipation.

Tom and I had this experience last week when we were in Orlando on business (you can always slip in something fun!).

Here we are with some pre race pictures.


After these pictures they started up the ROARING engines.

Immediately your heart starts racing and the adrenalin starts to flow through your body.  I wasn't sure if I was excited or nervous at first.

img_0083_2 I was moments away from getting to drive a real NASCAR race car.  It was surreal!

But when I saw the hood of the car open and what lay beneath, I definitely knew it was excitement.

And then........the rain came.  The track was immediately shut down so no one would slide into the thick concrete wall surrounding the track.

"OH NO! Our flight is in a few hours" I thought.

But we weren't going anywhere. There were definitely thoughts of calling the airport to start arranging another flight.

So we continued our wait and I started to talk a big game about how fast I was going to go, how tight I would be taking corners, and even told them to start engraving a trophy for me in advanced.  I could see the friends we were there with (who were also part of the mastermind meetings we were there for) had just about heard enough, when the rain stopped and we found out that we could just squeeze our drive in, if the Florida heat dried the track in time.

img_0092 And it did.  Tom was the first up.

Can you tell he was excited?  You betcha!!

It was a blast.  We raced around the track reaching speeds just over 120 MPH and taking corners not much slower.

After getting a feel for the car we could tell that we were barely scratching the surface of what it could do.

But since it was our first time driving, we were more than happy to stay away from the wall.
And what happened to me?

Well I had some really good lap times and a fast top speed but I didn't live up to all the talking I was doing.  So I think this picture describes my driving best.


But there is always next time!!! 🙂

And I hope everyone can make it again.  I feel fortunate to be part of such a great mastermind group.  Napoleon Hill always spoke about the power of the mastermind and I have seen it first hand.

No matter what business you are in having a group of peers to brainstorm new ideas and ways to blast through roadblocks is a key to success.  If you don't have a group of like minded peers go out there and find one.

It will be the difference between riding the tortoise and racing NASCAR!

Remember your Rock Star Life, it's your life, live it your way!

- Nick Karadza


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