FREE Hugs in Times Square? Now That's Incongruent.

We regularly run into Canadian real estate investors who have uncovered amazing real estate opportunities but can't raise the cash to close on the deal.

There wasn't a problem with the real estate itself.

Or with the potential profit of the deal.

This investor had a marketing problem.

They couldn't find the money and people to help them take advantage of the opportunity quickly enough.

As we ourselves grow in business we're ready to conclude that almost every single problem in business, real estate related or otherwise, is a marketing problem.

Almost everything can be solved with effective marketing.

Whether it's raising joint venture capital, finding great team members, finding good properties or filling vacancies.

Marketing can solve all of these if applied intelligently.

And your marketing doesn't have to be smart or cute, it simply has to "capture attention".

We've been studying this and applying different "attention grabbers" ourselves for several years now.

And we're going to let you in a little secret.

One of the most effective ways to capture attention is with "incongruity" ... with things that are "out of place".

In the book The Psychology of Humor and Wit, Psychologist Donald M. Johnson explains that "Perception of an incongruity arouses energy directed toward resolution".

Meaning that our attention is drawn to things that we find are incongruent with what we expect.

How does this work?

Well, what would happen if you're riding your bike down the street and you saw Santa Claus walking on the sidewalk?

Incongruent right?

Your attention is immediately focused on jolly St. Nick.

You can't help but stare.

A couple of January's ago we were filling some Student Rental rooms in multiple properties.

Instead of using the standard "open house" signs that you see many Realtors use we got neon orange bristol board and wrote "Student Open House" with the thickest black Sharpie marker you've ever seen.

And the hand writing was U-G-L-Y.

This was incongruent in two ways.

First, no other landlords in the area use "Open House" signs when showing student rental properties...


No open house signs typically look as ugly as ours did that day.

So we were incongruent on multiple levels.

The students walking around campus couldn't help but find our ugly signs advertising something they're not used to seeing.

The result?

We filled multiple properties with students that day.

On one trip to New York, we were in Times Square which has more attention-grabbing billboards, signs, and people per square foot than perhaps anywhere in the world.

Your attention is stretched to the max.

But what did we find ourselves drawn to?

The most incongruent message of them all.

It was a bunch of students holding out bristol boards with the words "Free Hugs" on them.

In the cold streets of NYC, this was definitely incongruent and we couldn't walk by without our attention being captured...


Because marketing is such an overlooked aspect of Real Estate investing we're going to be expanding on this principle with Rock Star Inner Circle members in an upcoming Monthly Newsletter.

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