Face Your Fear And Do It Anyway!

So pumped there's a new business launching in Burlington. Not only is Style Encore ( a cool concept, we know how difficult it is to venture out on your own. So when we see someone do it, we want to support it! Their grand opening is this weekend! We visited and shared some of the fears we had when starting a business...


Hey everyone, it's Tom Karadza with another Rock Star Minute today. I'm so pumped because I'm at Style Encore in Burlington. This is the grand opening weekend, and it's so cool to see a new business being born and the fear that is involved in launching a new business.

You know everyone's all smiles today, and it's a great experience that I know starting a new business feels. It is a scary thing, and you just got to feel the fear and do it anyway whether it comes to real estate or business. And one of the biggest things I want to share with you, a story that happened to us is when I quit my job I quit my job in May. In June, Nick and I started working together in a serious way to help investors buy properties. In June, we lost out on nine deals in a row helping other investors, and I looked at Nick I said, “oh my gosh, I quit my job.” There was a mortgage on our house, Carol and I decided that she was going to stay home with the kids, so Carol was at home. My wife with the kids, a 4-year-old and a 10-month-old and then I just quit my job, and the very next month we went 0 for 9 on real estate deals that we were trying to accomplish. And I had one of those moments of, am I going to make this or we're going to make this together. But you just keep going you consistently stay at it.

And the biggest thing, the biggest tip I'd like to share with any new business owner that really helped us is you surround yourself with other business owners who are doing great things because you can learn from them. Nick and I plead to be part of a mastermind meeting in the U.S. regularly with other business owners so we could support and learn from each other. That was the best money we ever spent. It was hard money at the time because we didn't have much money, but it was important money. So, a new business needs to surround itself by other business owners that can support them and that's part of the reason that I'm here today at Style Encore. If you can come by this weekend and support them, it's a great thing when a new business is born in our community we can all support each other. I'm going to wrap this up by saying I've got to go find something for my wife in here and until next, time your life your terms.




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