The Debt Super Cycle & Birth of Central Bank Digital Currencies

How is it possible for the government of Canada to keep loading up the levels of debt?  Well, it looks like the central banks have tipped their hand and showed their next move.  In this new Rock Star Minutes episode, we chat about the global debt supercycle and central bank digital currencies. (Note: the links in the video are available in the YouTube version of this video in the description)


Federal Debt: A Primer

The 2020 Long Term Burget Outlook

Velocity of M2 Money Stock

Canada to post largest deficit since WWII on COVID-19 spending

The ECB is Looking 'very seriously' at the creation of a digital euro, president Christine Lagrade says

Reporting on a digital euro

COVID-19's impact on how people shop means central banks must move faster on digital currency: BoC deptuty

Trudeau Targets More Immigration Even With Boarders All But Shut



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2 comments on “The Debt Super Cycle & Birth of Central Bank Digital Currencies”

  1. Hi.
    I've been following Rockstar Real Estate for awhile and have been impressed by the guys' openness to new ideas. I've been on a similar journey myself trying to figure out what comes next in the economy due to the build up in debt etc. I'm not an economist so I've been reading a wide variety of books trying to figure out who's closest to getting it right...the monetarists, Keynsians, old Austrians, MMT people etc. I'm currently reading The Deficit Myth. It's an explanation of modern monetary theory. I'd love to have the guys read it and hear their comments. It's certainly a different thought process if you're fiscally conservative like I am, but there do seem to be some pretty good points.

    Thanks very much for passing this on.


    Lisa Dougall

  2. Congrats Tom on a very well thought out piece. Very insightful and well explained. Worthwhile keeping this discussion going because I can see the benefits for the central bank to use CBDC. Monetary policy focused around overnight lending rates and assets buybacks does not give the central bank enough to work with. Bravo, keep it up!

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