Can You Really Learn Something From A Hockey Game?

Tom and I play hockey once a week in a men's league that we pay to be part of.  I say that to clarify it is no where near a top level league, but good hockey none the less. (You should see Tom's slapshot with one of those new composite sticks, that is the best part of the whole game)

This crushing character to the left is our logo.  From my understanding someone that had done some work at Marvel Comics designed it for us.  It shows doesn't it?


An interesting thing happened at this weeks game, other than us winning 🙂

It was the second period when we took a three goal lead.  Almost instantaneously you could see the energy in the other team was different.  They were skating slower, had less drive, and became more unorganized.

Overall, you could tell they had given up.

Then, in the third period I passed the puck up from our blue line to our player, who was already beyond centre, close to the other team's blue line.  He skated in on a breakaway and scored.

If it wasn't for my great pass it would have never happend........I'm just kidding.

So we just scored and the other team starts complaining that our forward had not skated back and that during a game in which we were ahead by a few goals that is wrong.

I must admit, I was confused.

How is continually trying your best wrong?  In what capacity is not giving up and making the most of an opportunity wrong?

I couldn't figure it out.

And then it dawned on me, this is exactly what happens in the world every day.

People get down a bit and automatically give up instead of trying to fight to get back into the game.

They also knock companies or people for continuing to make profits.

Let's take a step back.  Isn't this 'real world' we live in just one big game?

The consequences are higher because it is your life, but the situations are the same aren't they?

If you are behind in the game, make adjustments and come out harder for the next period.  Nothing is predefined, you can make a comeback.

I've gotten hammered by the recent market down turn (about 25%) of my portfolio but that is part of the game.  Nothing is guaranteed.  I have to make adjustments and come back, and I will.

And there is no way that I am going to sit back and compain about the people that are busting their butt to get themselves ahead, as long as it is ethical, of course.

Listen, you make your own reality!  If you choose for it to be aligned with the negative headlines you see.  That is what your life will be.

But I guarantee you there is opportunity for you every day you awake no matter what state the finance industry is in.  Make the most of that opportunity and you have created your own reality.

Hey, I have news you might want to hear.

Others are doing it!

Don't sit back being envious and complain like a school child, get out there and make your comeback.

Lose the sense of entitlement and create, your life, your way.

Do it NOW!

- Nick Karadza

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