Can Rising Rates in Canada Be Inflationary?

Message from Tom & Nick

OK, so we had our last Rock Star Inner Circle VIP meeting of 2022 this past Wednesday evening.

And one member suggested we do an "ugly Christmas sweater" of course we did!

That's myself (far right), Mark Krikke and Nick (far left) with our ugly sweaters.

Now before anyone gets carried away...

I secretly know my Leafs sweater is actually the most beautiful sweater in the world. Stunning in its appeal. Breathtaking in its design.

And interestingly this was a trick that I was playing on everyone.

If anyone came up to me and said, "That's not an ugly sweater" they were greeted with a smile and we were true friends.

If anyone came up to me and said, "That's the ugliest sweater ever!!!!" and laughed and pointed (you know who you are)...

...then I immediately knew they were a Habs fan. LOL!

See how that works? Smart, eh? The sweater was an immediate filter that would separate my mortal enemies from my true lifelong friends.

LOL!! Joking. (...not really)

(Quick Aside: Mark Krikke was on the podcast recently talking about mid-term Airbnb strategies. He co-authored a new book on the subject with Kirsten Krikke, titled: You, Me & Airbnb)

Anyway the event worked out well. We did a new 60-second rapid fire networking session that was a big success (thanks Daniel T. for the suggestion).

We'll be doing that again with some new twists.

We had a session on estate freezes with Fabio Campanella, a session on our own planning and thinking for 2023, and one on Austrian Economics.

It was amazing to hear 21 different Rock Star VIP Members share some information about themselves and what they're up to during the rapid fire networking session.

We have a wide range of people in this group and it's inspiring. All ages, all backgrounds, and so many people doing super creative stuff.

It's basically become one big support group for Canadians looking to push themselves further and faster. We're honoured that such quality people are a part of it.

This week, we put together a new Rock Star Minutes video that shares a concept that blew our minds.

Is it possible that the rising rate environment can actually be inflationary?

Do all roads, higher AND lower rates, lead to inflation at this point?

You can check out some of what we've uncovered in this week's new Rock Star Minutes video below:

We also just released a new Your Life! Your Terms! Show episode with our accountant, Andrew Topping, where he discusses the importance of the upcoming "beneficial owner" declaration that many real estate investors are going to have to deal with shortly.

That episode is linked below for you.

And there's a great lineup of podcast guests coming your way: Ben Rabidoux next week, Jesse Berger, UJ Ramdas (creator of the 5-Minute Journal and the Productivity Planner) stay tuned!!

If you have been enjoying the podcast, could we ask a favour?

Would you be willing to leave us a review on whatever platform you listen on? Apple/Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

It would mean a lot to us and be super helpful in spreading the word.

Thank you! And thank you for your support over the years!

Rock Star continues to grow and we're forever grateful.

That's it for this week, everyone!

Hope you're getting your Xmas shopping done and your holiday plans are shaping up.

See you next week!

Tom & Nick

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