Behind Canada's Biggest PR Machine - The Bank of Canada

If you've been around us for very long you know that we don't care what the rules of the money game are.

We just want to understand them so that we give ourselves the highest odds of winning.

That's why we spend so much time studying history, monetary policy and global economics.

It's why we get updates from relatives in Europe on what they are seeing "on the streets" over there.  Along with friends in Florida, Ohio and California.

It's also why we pay to get the very best real estate information from across Canada and the U.S.

We're reading the latest stats on Southern California's real estate market to better understand our own.

Everything is connected.

And today we're going to share with you a cool way to predict economic events before they occur.

How do you do that?

Well, we'd like to let you in on a little secret ... and only if you promise not to tell anyone.  Deal?

Many moons ago we were "reactive" to the latest news headlines.

No more.

Today, we watch as it's being created and are able to even predict what we'll see in the headlines before the newspaper lands on the front porch.


Well, if you're reading this you're likely interested in real estate, creating cash flow and starting or expanding your own business.

And so, it's natural that you're curious what's around the corner for the Canadian economy, interest rates etc.

That leads you to the Bank of Canada and its governor, Mark Carney.

He's the "Wizard of Oz".  The guy behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

Well, he runs the Bank of Canada like a business ... with a marketing calendar and everything.

So when he wants to get the word out about changes that are in store for Canada he pencils in a few "marketing events" to begin getting his message out.

He's been really quiet for a few months but he's marketing calendar is now fully engaged again.

Project "Too Much Debt" looks like it officially launched this week.

How can we be certain?

Well, this past Monday he booked himself an appointment to speak at the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto.

By speaking at this event he knows that all the big Canadian media players will be in attendance ... The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, BNN, CBC etc.

The media then takes Mark Carney's "message" and broadcasts across the country with very little filter.

There's not much analysis or even critical analysis.  To be fair, there is some, but mostly Mark's message is sent across the country verbatim by the big news outlets

This happened on Monday of this week.

The next four days were a literal bonanza of articles about Canada's debt levels, income-to-debt levels, mortgage qualifications, refinancing, unemployment, interest rates.

Check it out for yourself ... here's a quick Google News search for the term "Mark Carney" this week:

That search turned up 3,740 news articles for Mark Carney ... this week.

Cool huh?

Mark Carney spoke and the Canadian media obliged by broadcasting his message everywhere.  This was "by design".  This was a planned event by the Bank of Canada ... not some accident.

They're smart marketers.  And we tip our hats to them.

So if really want to understand what's going to be "in the news" tomorrow keep your eye out for these "speeches" done by Mark Carney and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

They're really PR events.  Usually intended to address Canadians but they're often also used to prepare the international markets on what Canada's monetary policy may look like going forward.

Now, here's the important part...

As we've watched, studied, analyzed the Bank of Canada over the past few years we've come to understand that whenever a new "marketing campaign" of this size is kicked off it usually means some announcements are right around the corner.

We have our thoughts on what's headed our way.

The bottom line?

If you want to "go behind the scenes" and be part of Canada's elite inner circle just keep your eyes peeled ... it's all in plain sight.

And better yet, if you want to skip the media filter all together and go directly to the source, begin attending these types of events yourself.  You'll be able to pick up on the tone of the message much better by attending in person.

Who knows ... maybe we'll see you there 😉

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!

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