Banks Failing, Technology Crushing & The Big Opportunity Ahead

Message from Tom & Nick

Who knew we'd have to turn part of the Rock Star office into a mini broadcast studio?

That's Nick doing a webinar earlier this week for new Rock Star Inner Circle Members.

And that's Keith Pinto operating the whole thing.

Technology is changing fast.

Now, with one person you can manage multiple cameras, a presentation, audio sources, lighting, and stream it all live to an unlimited amount of people globally.

Years ago we would have needed to rent a professional broadcast studio to do that and the distribution would be limited to local cable audiences.

Technology and software are demolishing entire industries in real time.

I remember not too long ago when companies would have a "computer room" with a mess of servers and cables in it to handle all their data needs.

Now it's almost all gone. Everything's "in the cloud".

Heck, you don't even need a setup like we have for video if you don't want to...FaceTime on your iPhone can do group calls instantly.

Your phone is basically now a video broadcast studio in your pocket.
The TV industry has been tossed upside down because of technology.

When is the last time you raced home to watch a Thursday night TV show? Remember Seinfeld and Friends? People would actually gather around the TV on Thursdays to watch. Gone, all of it, poof.

Why are we harping on about this?

Because the changes are just getting started and many can't see it.

Our entire banking system is going to be upended over the next several years.

Technology is moving at the speed of light and we have a banking system that still needs a central authority, aka central bank, to manually set interest rates, move collateral between institutions overnight and inject liquidity.

That type of archaic system isn't going to survive the relentless onslaught of technology.

Case in point...

Check out the amount of interest the U.S. currently has to pay on its financial debts.

It's about to cross 1 Trillion dollars in interest payments.

U.S. Federal tax revenues are only about $4.6T and likely to fall this year.

So almost 25% of the U.S. revenues are going towards paying interest.

That's called a "banana republic".

If that's not the sign of a system that cannot last I don't know what is.

I mean, look at that chart again, it's wild.

We are witnessing the late stages of an old system.

It's like when one of your in-laws still has a phone line and you're using VOIP and data with mobile phone in your pocket.

The banking system is your in-law.

Holding on to an old technology while everyone else is moving on.

I've seen it with accounting.

Companies used to run accounting systems in-house before it all went "into the Internet".

Same with inventory management, CRM systems, data mining, and business intelligence technologies. All sucked up into the Internet via software.

Your phone, via software, can now access some of the most advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence) we've ever seen via ChatGPT.

Check out this gem of a paragraph from Yahoo! Finance today:


Regional banks are seeing their capital sucked up into the big banks like JP Morgan and they're failing regularly now.

These banks are dying off.

Think about it...large sized banks in the U.S. are now just failing outright.

Over the past couple months we've had multiple banks in the U.S. need the government to step in to try and save them.

TD here in Canada had exposure to some of the mess and stopped an acquisition that was in process.

The U.S. bank that it was about to buy has had its stock tumble today badly.

What was our good old Canadian TD Bank thinking?

Why were they about to buy a bank that turned out to be such a dud?

Don't many Canadians own TD stock as a safe dividend yielding investment?

How close were they to playing with fire?

What else is going on with Canadian banks that we don't know about?

Which brings us to this...

The world is changing fast.

History doesn't have much precedent for what's happening.

Not only is technology wiping out things like old phones, TV stations and old accounting's about to wipe out money as we know it.

Stick with me.

In a digital world, moving at the speed of light, we can't have a money system that operates in the old ways. It's archaic.

When bank deposits can be withdrawn in an instant, the old fractional reserve system that needs overnight transfers to survive can't keep up.

The old money system is going to fight hard against this...and my 2 sats says its going to lose.

This doesn't mean it's going to be overnight.

But it's not going to take ten years either.

And when we see trends like this we want to stand clear of the incoming damage.

This is exactly why, as old school as it sounds, we like to own assets personally.

What do we mean by that?

So we don't like to own REITs when there's credit and banking instability...we like to own the real estate directly ourselves.

We don't like to own Rolex stock...we'd rather own the Rolexes.

We don't want gold miners...we want the gold bullion.

We don't want fiat Canadian dollars...we'd prefer Bitcoin.

Does this mean Canadian banks are going to zero tomorrow? No, absolutely not.

It just means, to us, that there are very turbulent waters ahead.

Volatility is the new normal.

Much inflation, rate swings, bank solvency risks, credit risks and a contagion that could get nasty.

Where is the opportunity here?

Well, remember the first time you used Google Search back in 1999 and decided to invest in Google?

Or when you saw more and more people using Amazon in 2006 and you invested?

Or you saw the movement from newspapers to online media and you started a blog in 2007?

Or when email addresses were new and you started an email newsletter and collected new addresses like candy back in 1999?

What trends do you see now? What catches your interest?

For us, its the new monetary trends.

The shift from fiat currency to digital bearer asset.

That's our thing...our obsession even, LOL!

For you it may be the A.I. trends, the decentralized media trends (heard of NOSTR yet?), the medical changes with custom health plans based on your unique DNA, real-time data collection and analysis of logistics, nano tech...its endless.

Pick your spot, learn, read, go deep and gain an information advantage.

With great change comes great opportunity.

You have unlimited upside in front of you.

Don't let this moment in time slip by. Those who are early really get some great benefits. Participate in areas that interest you.

The future is bright.

Heck, even that in-law of yours may drop that last land line soon...wouldn't that be a shocker?!

We all have unlimited potential. Unleash your greatness, ride some big trends and have some fun doing it.

Enjoy the week everyone, and GO LEAFS GO!!

Tom & Nick

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