Are You Looking For 'Riches' Or 'Wealth'?

I made my return from a great trip to Trinidad & Tobago and as usual, the experience has allowed me to gain some more insight into the goals I am moving towards.
This is where I was when I had the realization. I think you can tell from the look on my face that the thought process was a good one! 🙂
We recently launched our Rock Star Inner Circle (sidenote: it looks like we will be closing it down very soon as it fills up), shortly after our launch we received an email about our intentions since we were 'rich'.

This caught me off guard as I never think of myself as, or try to portray myself as 'rich'. In fact, it is a word I don't commonly use. Unconsciously I have always preferred the word 'wealth', and to me, there is a big difference.

When I think of riches I think of a 10,000 square foot house with a four-car garage, $500 jeans, and $5,000 handbags. These are things I don't have. There are a lot more details but I think you understand.

See, that is not my life. That is not even a life I care for at all. I am going for something different.

I am looking to be wealthy, and to me, wealth can be defined in a hundred different ways.
Although the picture doesn't do it justice, this is what I was looking at when I truly came to this understanding.

Because in our lives (my wife and I) being able to experience moments of beauty like this is ten times more important than buying her the latest high-end handbag, and I definitely consider myself wealthy because of it.

Here is what I was thinking while on was on this amazing boat ride from a private beach house on a small offshore island back to Port of Spain.

  •  I wake up every morning happy and excited about what the day holds, isn't that wealth?
  •  The new places and people I get to explore multiple times a year is wealth, right?
  •  Does not being dependant on a job that I dislike but go to just for the money make me wealthy?
  • How about passive income from real estate that can pay my monthly bills at home and give me more freedom?

I think these things make me more wealthy than most people I know. I am lucky that I have the opportunities I have.

But I have also strived hard for them and purposely put myself in a financial position to be able to have these experiences, by investing from the age of 18.

These are things that you might not care one bit about, but you will have your own definition of wealth. That is what we mean we Tom and I say 'Live YOUR Rock Star life!'. More than anything we mean plan your life so that you are fulfilling your dreams.

Your's could be spending the day at the park with your children. Some people would do anything for that, and if that is what you want to do and you have the freedom to do it whenever you want then you are extremely wealthy.

Really I think wealth is something much more valuable than riches. It is the freedom to live life on your terms. It is something that too few of us do because we are caught up in the limitations society tries to put on us.

As you can tell, there was a lot going through my head on the most beautiful boat ride I have ever been on.

This is such a bigger topic than I can fit into one post on this blog but I hope to have a chance to sit down and reflect as I did. When you start designing your life and living it with purpose it becomes an even more amazing thing.

So what are you waiting for? Live your life on your terms, your Rock Star life!

Nick Karadza

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