A Star Is Born!

rock star real estate investing

It's official!  The summer of 2008 was the birth of Rock Star Real Estate Inc.

After our announcement at our member's only event, we got a lot of feedback around the idea and name. As always we appreciate it a great deal.

Everyone was excited to see that there is now an Ontario real estate brokerage that is dedicated to investment real estate of all kinds. It has been the missing link between the ‘theory’ taught in books and weekend boot camps, and the actual implementation of the knowledge we all acquire.

This was our goal for some time and with many hurdles along the way, it is now a reality. One member couldn’t believe that it has happened so fast, which is interesting because we often think that we are moving too slow.

But achieving anything is always a testament to working through the roadblocks that are put on the path in front of you. And for that, you should always be proud.

Some people questioned the name we chose and some people were raving fans….hey, you can’t make everyone happy right 🙂

Seriously though, we wanted something to reflect the pursuit of wealth that we are all involved in. This is where Rock Star came into the picture.

The Rock Star lifestyle is doing what you want, when you want to do it. It’s about designing and living the lifestyle of your dreams. Isn’t that what we are striving for?

It could be travelling to exotic places on a whim, enjoying nature on a hammock at the cottage, or anything you want it to be. But ultimately, it is whatever you want it to be.

There were other ways to reflect this in a name. Here are some that we tossed around: Think Big Real Estate, High Net Worth Real Estate, Performance Wealth Group. (Our options were limited as we had to adhere to a lot of governing body guidelines around the naming of a brokerage).

An interesting thing happened when we spoke to people (everyone from our parents to our accountant’s secretary) about the names we had in mind.

Although people thought Rock Star Real Estate was a bit ’out there’, the energy they got when they repeated the name was not mistakable. People would repeat the other names in a dull tone and then pick it up a notch when they said the words Rock Star Real Estate.

And that is what things are about! That is what life is about...excitement!

We then thought of a brand like Richard Branson’s Virgin. At that time it was the craziest thing ever. But it is fun, fresh and energetic.

These are some of the same things we all strive for. Real Estate investing has a life too. It is fun, exciting, and a life-changing experience. It is helping us reach the Rock Star lifestyles we dream about every day.

So next time you face a challenge remember what kind of lifestyle you're striving for and use that as the motivation to blast through it! So go on, live your Rock Star life!

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