A New Financial System Emerging & Real Estate Roller Coaster Rides

Message from Tom & Nick

Well, that was fun!!

Last Saturday was the latest Your Life. Your Terms. Event and it was a freaking blast.

The team here pulled off a minor miracle putting that all together.

The guests crushed it. Jeff Booth, Sasha Cucuz, Jim Sheils, and Brice Scheschuk all delivered with some serious content.

We talked about Canadian real estate trends, technology and money, entrepreneurship and Florida investing.

And most importantly, the people who were in the room on Saturday were what matters most.

Each guest speaker commented on the "absolute incredible quality" of the people who were attending.

We're honoured and grateful to have such amazing people like you attend these things.

Thank you.

And a couple quick comments/observations on the weekend:

OBSERVATION #1: We all have battles...

Someone mentioned they almost didn't attend the event because they're struggling with some real estate issues right now and didn't feel "worthy" to be there.

Thankfully they showed up and said it really changed their mindset on how to move forward.

We want to be very clear about something...

You may see us today, and in some of the emails, having a good time and we share it. But in the last 60 days we've had unexpected water leaks in two properties that required substantial cash to resolve, the expected cash flow on one property disappeared overnight after reviewing the new mortgage docs, and the carrying costs on multiple variable mortgages have skyrocketed.

We are not immune to real estate pain.

Our family has had our fair share and we continue to.

Real estate is about survival, having liquidity, and selling some (unfortunately) when you need to.

After playing in this game for multiple decades, we do have financial rewards from it.

It's a simple formula to success with real estate investing, but it's far from easy and painless.

We're no exception to this.

Keep going, play the long game and most importantly, stay liquid.

OBSERVATION #2: There's clearly a new monetary system emerging

After spending an evening with Jeff Booth discussing the new monetary network emerging using Bitcoin as a global settlement layer...this is becoming more and more obvious.

And this is good news.

The old system has debasement as its core.

This means that your money is programmed to lose value over time.

We're all forced to invest it or lose purchasing power.

But this new monetary network is the opposite. The money in it, the bitcoins, are finite. There's a set amount of them.

As goods and services around the network keep growing, the money in the Bitcoin network gains purchasing power.

It's beautiful. At the moment it looks volatile, as measured in fiat dollars, but that's to be expected when a new network is this young.

We've always benefited in our lives from riding trends...

Tech in the early 2000s, and real estate and low rates for the last 20+ years.

This new monetary trend has the potential to dwarf both of those.

Do not dismiss it. I had a couple big "ah-ha" moments with Jeff Booth that we'll share at some point.

Many, many people on Saturday asked for resources to learn more.

Here you go:

Beginner's Guide: The Bullish Case for Bitcoin (blog post)

The Advanced Deep Dive: The Bitcoin Standard, by Saifedean Ammous (book)

The Global Macro Economics Guide: The Price of Tomorrow, by Jeff Booth (book)

Jeff's book outlines the case for a new monetary network with barely even mentioning Bitcoin. It's very good and we highly recommend it.

He's laid out the advanced concepts so clearly that it's actually a very digestible read.

OBSERVATION #3: Living life on your terms is more possible than ever.

Even with all the monetary debasement and the interest rate roller coaster ride, we know it's possible to live life on your own terms.

We met countless people on Saturday doing it.

For some that means creating an asset base for their family.

For others it means having a rewarding career.

For many it means having the ability to travel and explore the world.

Living life on your terms is unique to you.

If you haven't yet defined what it means to live life on your terms then it's time to sit down and map it out.

My own journey had me outlining it in notebooks, on paper, and even on a piece of giant green bristol board.

Take the time to define how you want to live. Don't let the people and events around you define it for you.

You must be proactive with this.

It requires your intense daily focus and commitment.

But we're here to tell you that it's possible because we see people doing it almost every single day.

The next few years bring great change.

And with that comes great opportunity.

Study up, pay attention, get busy, and enjoy the ride.

Life is short, surround yourself with good people, great friends and aim for the stars.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” - Hunter S. Thompson

See you around town!

And thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday!!

On to the next!!

Tom & Nick

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