“Looking back, life was hard for me when I was younger. I came to Canada in my early teens as a refugee with nothing. I had to survive on the small monetary support I received from the government which forced me to learn how to manage my budget. As a result, I missed out on many experiences because of financial hardship. But this made me even more determined to have a better future. Eventually, I was able to graduate with a degree in Economics from York University. I was naïve back then and thought having a degree would help me get a good job. I was so wrong! It was 2008, the midst of the global financial crisis, and possibly the worst time to graduate with a degree in finance. I felt devastated.”

But that didn’t keep this investor down. Instead, he worked hard, lived frugally, and saved. As his savings grew, he started to look for ways to invest his money. He looked at starting a convenience store or pizza parlors, but the time and energy to maintain and establish these businesses left something to be desired…

“As I was researching various ways to expand my finances, one day an ad struck my interest. It was a real estate investment class. It was my first real exposure to the world of real estate investing…

“As I was starting out in real estate, I met my Rock Star Coach, one of the few people  who helped and had a great influence on my success. When I first met him, he didn’t try to sell me anything. He only educated me about different properties and the rents they could demand. We visited many areas to look at properties, and after six months I decided to buy my first property. I learned so much from my coach that it motivated me to start with a rent-to-own house.”

He quickly worked hand-in-hand with his coach to buy and fill two properties using Rock Star’s investment systems.

“This solidified my belief in real estate investing. It was a rush of excitement for me to know that I was finally able to find something that worked. This business was giving me many opportunities to grow my finances while being my own boss.

“Years passed, and I grew more successful investing in real estate. Today, I own properties in Ajax, Oshawa, St. Catharines, and London…

“I feel fulfilled in my life knowing that I don’t have to worry about my next paycheque. Real estate is automating my financial freedom. Even some of my family and friends are showing interest in what I’m doing and wanted my help in starting their own real estate ventures. After almost a decade, and with the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained along the way, I know I am capable of helping them invest and prosper in real estate as I did.”

Listen to his whole story here

  1. To paraphrase Robert Kiyosaki: "if anyone is doing better (in any area of life) it's because they know something that you don't know yet. Learn or find out what they know, then you can do as well as them."
  2. And as Sydney Banks says..."If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world."
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