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OCT. 05, 2019
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ADDRESS: 6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9


PHONE: (905) 338 6964 ext. 210

ONLINE: CLICK HERE To Register Online

ADDRESS: 6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

What Is The Your Life. Your Terms Event?

You’re a go-getter. You want to live life on your own terms. You’re looking for ways to up your game. You’re brave enough to take calculated risks. And you’re smart enough to surround yourself with the right people, tools, and support to ensure the success of your various pursuits.

You’re one of us.

Who are we? We’re the biggest, baddest, most successful group of real estate investors and entrepreneurs – unparalleled anywhere else in Canada – and we are congregating for the Your Life. Your Terms. Event. Spend the day with hundreds of like-minded folks diving into topics like today’s economy, real estate, creating alternative forms of income, self-improvement and business-building.

If the status quo isn’t for you, the Your Life. Your Terms. Event certainly is.

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Some of our previous sessions..

Rock Star Economic Update: Do The Upcoming Interest Rate & Monetary Policy Changes Mean That The Middle Class Will Continue To Be Wiped Out Across The Country?

-With Tom Karadza

One year ago, after another small rate increase, and the threat of more, we started floating the idea that we could have reached “peak interest rates” for this cycle.

Some people openly questioned how in touch with reality we were.

Didn’t we read what the Bank of Canada and government were saying? Everything was looking good and we should prepare for more.

But by looking at larger economic trends happening in different parts of the world, contrary to what we were being told, there were signs that told a different story. Now, one year later, multiple central banks around the world have cut interest rates.

Many Media headlines contained “surprised” when announcing the moves, but they shouldn’t have been. Just like 12 months ago, there are some very impactful events taking place in the global financial world. Ones that very likely will further the thinning of the Canadian middle class. But planned for properly, and they can actually work to your advantage. We’re entering new territory.


Negative interest rates are spreading to more countries than every before. Central bankers are openly discussing the use of crypto-currency like tools as alternatives to current financial instruments. Trade wars are in full effect.


And that’s just the start. All these events have a direct impact on us right here at home. Look no further than immigration and pricing trends over the last decade for proof.


But these changes could just be a drop in the bucket compared to what’s in store.
During this economic update we’ll go behind the mainstream narrative to take a look at what’s really going on so we all have the information advantage we need to win the money game.

Seven Figure Shopping Mall Profits - How One Investor Went From His Corporate Job To Banking Big Bucks Investing In American Shopping Malls

- With James Su

So Many potential investors look for home runs before they even start out. 


They haven’t learned that you have to be in the game to get big hits.

James Su is in the game, armed with a ton of smarts, and a huge amount of guts. He began buying properties locally and decided it was time to leaves his engineering job to start a chain of retail stores.

As he continued down these paths he started learning about retail investing, and began seeking out opportunities in different American cities, eventually finding his first strip mall investment.
This led to another, and another. Along the way there were some hard earned lessons and mistakes. But he made it all work, and in a big way.

He’s very open about what got him going, what he would do differently if he had the chance, and how anyone else can make the transition to these markets if interested. He is living proof that we can all live life on our own terms.

Local Real Estate Market Update - How to Evaluate Any Market Better Than The Pros In A Few Simple Steps

-With Nick Karadza

As Investors, the goal is to always be forward looking. Except most of the reports put in front of us only contain past data. It’s why during recent Local Market Updates we took a deeper look at what’s been driving our markets around the Golden Horseshoe.

There has been far more going on than any real estate market reports cover. And when they finally catch up, the trend has likely been ongoing for years already. 

For example, Rock Star members have been including the influx of foreign money, and historic immigration numbers into their investing decisions years before it became more widely recognized. The trends we looked at together to start the year have continued to determine the market dynamics we are seeing today.

In this update, we won’t just take an updated look at today’s underlying market factors but we’re also going to share a simple way to evaluate any local real estate market to see it’s current state. 

You’ll be able to take this into any area and get a real time snap shot of exactly where things are at. Then you can leave the past to mainstream market reports, and use your focus for the present and the future.

Land Development: From Single Family Rentals to Developing Your Own Subdivision

-With Andrew Palhetas & Paul D'Abruzzo

Acquiring cash flow producing assets is a great wealth building strategy, there is little debating that. But what about the “now income”, where do investors turn for that?


Land development is like the manufacturing division of real estate. It’s where you take raw materials, build a finished product, and sell to a consumer for profit. It sounds straight forward enough, but there are countless moving parts.


There is no playbook to walk you through land development, and the process changes depending on the project. There two former Rock Star members, who joined the Rock Star team years ago produced great results from their long term properties.

From there they started working on smaller, infill developments projects in communities. And now they’re building a whole subdivision.


They’ll walk through their journey along with the trials, tribulations, challenges, and opportunities that land development brings. For any investor who has thought about moving in this direction learning from the first hand experiences of other developers can be a very profitable shortcut.

How To Create Value, Assets and Profit In the World of Commercial Real Estate Investing

- With Petr Kafka

Although there are core principles which remain the same, every investing sector and strategy is unique. The quickest shortcut to really succeed is to gain the specialized knowledge specific to the space.

Without it, you may think you’re trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. With it, the peg will not only be the right shape but it can feel like it’s half the size of the hole making things many times easier and more profitable.

Petr Kafka specializes in evaluating commercial real estate opportunities and looking for opportunities to increase value in the investments as a Vice President at Strathallen Capital Corp.

Things like what to seek out when buying commercial property, what opportunities to seek out, how to structure leases for maximum value, things sellers will do to be wary of, and strategies to create value from an existing portfolio, are all things he is involved in daily.

They’re also part of what he is going to share to give any commercial investor, or potential one, immediate strategies they can use to help with their investing now, and moving forward.

More Session Details COMING SOON!

Check Out What People Had To Say After Attending A Previous Your Life. Your Terms. Event...

"Mind blown! What an awesome event this morning! I can honestly say I think I learned more in a few hours this morning than I did in 3 days at a recent conference in Winnipeg. Just phenomenal speakers, great market info, you guys do it right!
- Melissa Verspeeten
"Thank you very much for the Rock Star gathering yesterday morning. It was another high octane event with lots to take in and ruminate on. My 14 year old daughter joined, and was very glad she came. Thank you for helping me to expose her young mind to a different way of thinking. I hope to foster her through Rock Star!"
- Jillian Henderson
"What an amazing event! It was my first time attending and all I have to say is WOW. I learned quite a bit and everyone there was extremely friendly and kind. Huge thanks to Tom and Nick and the Rock Star team!
- Ryan Dennahower
"Well done to the entire Rock Star team yesterday! It was a great session, a lot of planning and hard work went into it. I particularly like how you keep all the speakers on track, info is delivered really well and you add a personal touch, which creates a great connection between you and the members :)"
- Caroline Griffin


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DATE: Saturday, October 05, 2019
TIME: 8:30am
LOCATION: Versailles Convention Centre
(6721 Edwards BLVD, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9)

DATE: Saturday, October 05, 2019
TIME: 8:30am
LOCATION: Versailles Convention Centre
(6721 Edwards BLVD, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9)