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"Thanks for the energy you give us! The talks were all appropriate and interesting! I enjoyed every single talk.... and each speaker had something interesting and new for me! Big kudos to your team!!"

"Thanks Tom, Nick, and the entire Rockstar team for another fantastic member event today! What a great group of speakers and amazing call to action on the economic update! So fired up for another great year with this group."

"The event on Saturday exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more! Thank you! "

Rock Star Economic Update: Trump, Tariffs, and Trade Wars – Is A Financial Storm On The Horizon? with Tom Karadza

It’s no secret anymore.  

Trade wars among some of the worlds largest economies have begun.  

And when two giants go to battle the impact from the tremors is felt far and wide.  

Like the steady devaluation of currencies, and the theft of our purchasing power by government inflation policies, it’s happening right before us but the effects are felt slowly.   

Sometimes, so slowly you don’t even realize what’s happening.   

But it’s very real.  

If you put 100 people in the room 10 years ago, all with good incomes, half with assets and half without, which group has benefitted from the policies in place? And which has fallen behind?

This isn’t an accident, it's by design.  

The destruction of the middles class is ongoing right in front of us, every single day.  

What does this new stage of global financial affairs mean?  

How do we not only protect ourselves but take the steps needed to level up when the middle vanishes, rather than be pushed down?

Do you have a business Rock Star Inner Circle members should know about?

This is a rare opportunity to network with 600+ investors and promote your business at the Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

There are limited sponsorship opportunities available, so if you think your business would be a good fit, reach out to Andrea Hertel by emailing AndreaH@RockStarBrokerage.com or calling 1 (905) 338 6964 ext. 213 for more information.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018


8:30 am

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Versailles Convention Centre

6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

Coming February 2019

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The Perfect Week Formula: The Simple System To Stop Working So Hard While Feeling Like It’s Never Enough and Finally Regain Control of Your Life with Craig Ballantyne

We’re not convinced that the current trend of always doing more, faster is the best way to be truly productive.  

Often, it just gives you a feeling of accomplishment without really doing anything of substance.  

And it can quickly lead to a state of overwhelm, where you feel like you just can’t keep up.  

All for what?  

Why is it that some people have time for a career, side hustle, family, and themselves, while others can barely keep up with one of those things while upsetting the people involved in all the others?  

It’s structure.  

One of the most important things to know which was not taught in any formal education.  

Craig Ballantyne is a high-level coach for people all over the world helping them get out of their own chaotic state to achieve more while reducing the hours worked in a day.  

This will be a crash course in how to more productive while being less busy.

Raising Capital: Aligning, Negotiating and Structuring Deals With Your Money Partners
with Russell Westcott    


The one roadblock that unites all investors.  

Once your eyes are opened to all of the investment opportunities available, the funds you start with eventually get used up, and you choose to either rebuild the stockpile yourself or look elsewhere to raise capital.  

Like anything, there are proven tactics and techniques that can be a shortcut to getting the answer you want.  

Russell Westcott, who co-authored The Canadian Investor’s Guide To Raising Money and Getting Deals Done will outline the strategies he uses when raising capital himself, a 4 step deal structure process you can use, and the 5 steps to use in your negotiating.

Multiplying Your Cash Flow: How To Use Short Term Rentals Like Airbnb and VRBO to Crank Up Profit  

It’s obvious that the 'sharing economy' is here to stay.  

Instead of outlawing services like Uber and Air Bnb, more and more cities are accepting them while putting appropriate guidelines in place.  

This has opened up opportunities for a lot of people, real estate investors included.  

Many investors are renting out their properties for thousands more per month via short-term rentals, rather than on long-term leases.  

But with every upside comes a downside.  

We’ll hear from how some investors are increasing their profits while protecting themselves from the potential problems.  

This applies to condos, vacation properties, basement apartments, and everything in between.

Local Market Update: An On The Streets Look At What's Really Happening With Different Local Markets with Nick Karadza 

What’s the biggest problem with all the real estate headlines and reports thrown at us?   

They’re focused on the past.  

They can be very insightful but often, by the time the information makes it to us, the tide has already shifted and market conditions have completely changed.  

It’s why we focus on what’s happening right now, on the streets, around different Golden Horseshoe markets.  

Whether it’s condos, single-family homes, duplexes, student properties, or residential buildings, we’ll take a look at prices and incomes to see what investors are buying now, the returns they’re getting, and the strategies being used.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018


8:30 am

(Registration & Networking Begin at 7:30 am)


Versailles Convention Centre

6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

Golden Horseshoe Investing: How Foreign Money Looks At This Area, Why It’s Flooding In, and What Communities It Is Headed to Now with Peter Politis    

For years now, there has been a steady stream of money flowing into Toronto and surrounding communities.  

Whether it was buying a single-family home, multiple condominium units, commercial building, or investing in development projects, it was coming from different parts of the globe.  

Why here?  

Why now?  

What’s next?  

As someone who is at the forefront of this trend, working directly with these investors and developers, Peter will be shedding light on exactly those questions.

Email: Jenny@Rockstarbrokerage.com

Phone: (905) 338 6964 ext. 210

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February 2, 2019 | Mississauga, ON | 8:30am


Saturday, February 2, 2019



(Registration & Networking Begins At 7:30am)


Versailles Convention Centre

6721 Edwards Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5T 2V9

"We appreciate all of the hard work (not so fun) work that goes into the events you guys put on. Thank you for always being honest and real, kind and not to mention inspirational. Thank you for another amazing event! " 

"Such a great experience to go to the member event. Wealth of knowledge both on and off stage!"

"Thank you very much for hosting the Rock Star gathering yesterday morning. It was another high octane event with lots to take in and ruminate on. I enjoyed all the speakers today!"

" What an amazing event! It was my first time attending and all I have to say is WOW! I learned so much and everyone was very friendly and kind! "

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Here's The Plan So Far...

The Top 5 Big Mega Trends Affecting Your Properties, Your Business, And Your Career In Today's World
With Tom & Nick Karadza

Have you ever tried swimming against the current? The task quickly 
becomes physically and emotionally draining because you make little progress. 

But when you do a quick U-turn and swim the other way you feel like you’re an Olympic level athlete. 

Building a business, side hustle, or investment portfolio is no different. Momentum is key and very real. It’s also much easier to gain when there is something powerful propelling you. 

There are constant examples of the power of a mega trend. Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja when he plays the video game Fortnite, reportedly earned $10 million last year from people watching him play the game on Twitch and YouTube. 

The sneaker resale industry is now a $1 billion dollar industry with some, purchased new only a
few hundred dollars, selling for tens of thousands. Take your pick from the countless businesses which were born just because of the launch of the iPhone. From cases, headphones, chargers, screen protectors, to vehicle mounts, it opened up opportunity for everyone. 

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

These mega trends run their course then make way for new ones. Awareness of them allows you to insert yourself and be one of the boats that gets lifted with the tide. 

Think about the recent immigration boom into the Golden Horseshoe, a mega trend that any property owner benefited from greatly with a surge in demand leading to rapidly increasing prices. 

Align yourself for the coming years with the trends that are already in place or in their infancy so that whatever it is you do you won’t be swimming upstream but instead riding the wave that’s been made for you.

Using Real Estate and Leaving Success Behind To Launch Your Dream Business and Live Life On Your Terms 
With Giovanni Marsico

Call it work, hustle, the grind, or whatever you what, it’s ultimately a means to an end. 

Whether it’s our job, business, investments, or something else. The goal is what success at that allows us to do, how it makes us feel, or who we can help because of it. It's one way or another that’s a commonality that binds us all.

Often making the transition from something we feel we “have to” do to an area we “want to” be in feels like a massive jump. 

How can we leave behind all the success we’ve had to start from scratch? 

When Giovanni moved away from his real estate career to start his focus and grow his
Archangel Academy he had the same thoughts. But real estate had given him a foundation which he could use to live life on his terms. 

From there, he leveraged the network he built and experiences from his youth to start and grow one of the most popular annual events to hit Toronto. In just three years, his Archangel Summit has had thousands of attendees and hosted speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard, Damon John, JJ Virgin…you get the idea. 

But he created more than just an event, he’s created a community beyond it of superhero mission-driven entrepreneurs. 

He had always been a believer that everyone has their own unique superhero abilities and his business is all about people finding and using them. 

He’s moved from something he enjoyed but grew tired of to truly living life on his terms. He will outline the steps he took both personally and professionally to make the transition while giving a behind the scenes look at how he quickly scaled his business, event, and community, sharing the exact lessons he put into play so anyone else can do the same.

Rock Star Economic Update Peaks, Valleys, and Prices - A Look At What's Really Happening With the Economy and How It Will Affect Golden Horseshoe Investing In 2019
With Tom Karadza

Just last month, the Dow Jones plunged 800 points in a single day. 

Only to be followed up by a 1,000 point gain shortly afterwards. 

That it took White House officials to meet with bankers and then announce to the world everything was OK for this to happen should be a cause for pause, if not outright concern. It sparks memories of the last time such assurances were made, not long before one of the most epic financial meltdowns our generations has seen. 

Volatility like this can quickly create liquidity problems and other financial challenges. We’ve been in the second longest economic expansion ever. If it continues throughout 2019 it will be the longest. 

But even though the expansion has been long, growth has lagged far behind. In fact, the level of growth we’ve seen is less than expansion periods that were half the length of this one. 


Because there is now more government debt in the world than ever, and time and time again it’s been proven that higher debt levels will limit growth potential. So what are our options?

We could freeze, and do a single thing. Wait it out, and be a victim of circumstance, whether good or bad.
We could build a bunker, bury all our money in hard to find places, stock up on dry food, and wait for an apocalypse. 

Or we can dig deep, understand the current state of the game, the rules which are in place, and work our strategy to work under current economic conditions. This is why the Rock Star Economic Update was born.
Out of frustration during the last economic meltdown, by not understanding why mortgage defaults in a small Michigan town took away the retirement savings from rural European pension holders who hadn’t thought about a mortgage in decades.

We started to seriously try to understand the latest global financial trends and policies. While looking at how they are impacting us here. Not just in Canada, but right down to local investing markets. Frankly, we studied, analyzed, and shared the foreign money trends into Canadian real estate well before any mainstream media. 

And look at the impact that had. Our deep dive also gave us, along with hundreds of members, the confidence to go against a swath of mortgage advisors calling for a jump in interest rates almost a decade ago, and saving an amount likely in the millions cumulatively. 

Just like the past, we’ll focus on gaining an information advantage in our financial decisions for 2019.

Local Real Estate Market Update - An On The Streets Review Of Different Local Markets, The Strategies Investors Are Using Now, and Financial Returns They're Seeing
With Nick Karadza

What’s the biggest problem with all the real estate headlines thrown at us. 

They’re focused on the past. 

And while there can be useful insights, by the time the information makes it to us, the tide has already shifted and market conditions have completely changed. It’s why we focus on what’s happening right now, on the streets, around different Golden Horseshoe markets. 

Whether it’s condos, single-family homes, duplexes, student properties, residential multi-units, or commercial buildings, we’ll take a look at prices and incomes to see what investors are buying now, the returns they’re getting, and the strategies being used.

Becoming A Real Estate Developer - How To Make Big Profits From Small Developments
With Charles Wah & Andy Tran

Rock Star VIP Members Charles Wah and Andy Tran will share some strategies on how to be successful with small-scale infill developments, from identifying suitable opportunities to obtaining the necessary approvals. 

They will showcase one of their current projects where they are building two new semi-detached units with purpose-built secondary suites on unused land that was severed from their cash-flowing properties. 

You will look at land differently after this presentation. Using this strategy, you may be able to unlock tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in development potential with existing properties in your portfolio.

Protecting Profits & Wealth The Top 5 Tax Items Investors Should Know For 2019 & How To Protect Your Portfolio From The Tax Man So It Can Benefit Your Family For Generations
With Andrew Topping

Real estate can be profitable…very profitable. 

But with profit comes a knock on the door from the tax man. 

So what are your options? 

First, you have to think short term. What can I do this year to keep as much of my profit as possible? 

But you also need to think long term. 

What are your plans for the portfolio or wealth you’ve built? 

Are you going to cash out or will this be a legacy you leave to the benefit of future generations? 

Depending on your answers there are different steps you want to consider taking now to protect the work you’ve put in to earn your profits. 

Andrew Topping, will outline the good, bad, and ugly scenarios that investors can face when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency. 

He’ll also give an update on tax strategies for 2019, and something you can do now which could change the impact your real estate portfolio can have for years to come.

       And More To Come...