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The Place Where Canadian Real Estate THEORY Turns Into Real Life RESULTS
Sat, Feb 12
8:30AM - 12:30 PM (EST)
LIVE on Zoom


No matter what’s happening in the world right now, 2021 has the potential to be your year. 

Moving into the second year of this pandemic, we know… 

Even in a provincial lockdown, life doesn’t stop. 

And neither does the housing market… 
The economy… 
Nor property management… 
Or the pursuit of our goals! 

And your goals are too valuable not to invest 1 day in the information you need to gain an advantage. 

For the past 13 years, hundreds of Ontario’s most active real estate investors have been gathering together to find out what is happening now and how they can use that information to their advantage for the future. 

You can join this elite group of investors to gain the same advantage on February 20 at the next Your Life. Your Terms. Event!

What you’ll find are insightful trends to prepare you for tomorrow. 

Get the latest news on local markets across Southern Ontario, hard-money strategies like gold & bitcoin, a behind-the-scenes insight on credit markets, and landlord-tenant relations so you can invest in your future with confidence.

February 20, the Your Life. Your Terms. Event is the place to be (virtually) to join hundreds of the most passionate, hard-working, and motivated investors and entrepreneurs in Canada.


The Information

Hundreds of local real estate investors continue to be part of Your Life. Your Terms. Events for one straightforward reason.

Consistently the absolute latest, on-the-streets insights are shared while outlining exactly how it impacts us all in our own backyards.

For years, we’ve been unravelling the complicated money system so investors know the impact they can expect.

Investors and entrepreneurs get the information advantage they need to plan and decide on their next steps with certainty.

Whether it’s a look at large global trends, a dive into local real estate markets, or actionable tactics to implement right away you’ll leave with an up-to-date outline of where things are today and where they’re headed.

Networking & Inspiration

Wanting to take steps to live life on your terms is great, but putting the pieces in action can feel challenging and lonely at times.

Sure, we’re in a virtual environment now but the online conversation flows the whole time.

It might be learning what other investors are doing, picking up a small tip to a hurdle you’re facing, or getting a bit of a push from someone.  

They all make your internal fire burn a bit stronger and give you the confidence to keep at it. It’s simple; the higher the caliber of people you surround yourself with the higher you go.

Fun & Laughs

We’re always in need of smiles and laughs, perhaps now more than ever.

Investing, finances, economy, productivity, mindset are all important. But it doesn’t have to be nose to the grinder serious.

If those things interest you but you want to be part of them with a few laughs and having some fun along the way, this is the place.

At the last event, we introduced the Virtual Rock Star T-Shirt Cannon to great fanfare, had a small dance party, promised a unicorn tattoo and asked one attendee to start doing burpees in their kitchen.

It’s not the typical investing event. You’ll be with your people. Active investors who “get you” and understand what it takes to have success.


Steve Hipple says:

"So far this has been a very positive learning experience for my wife and I. The quality of material you covered the quarterly meeting far exceeded our expectations!! Looking forward to the next event, and you guys keep up the awesome work!"

Lisa Lynam says:

"So awesome is Toms presentation and content...If Tom was my Economics prof at Bschool I would never have fallen asleep or dreaded exams! Thank you for sharing your passion for this nerdy stuff that helps us make better decisions to live life on our terms."

Harold Henning & Diane Brisebois say:

"Just want to say a big thank you for all the great information shared this morning! We love you and we can wait until this covid stuff is over so Harold and I can give you a big hug!!! The good news is we are saving to invest in real estate, gold, and bitcoins!!!"

Jonathan Chan says:

"Thank you to you and your team for putting together a wonderful YLYT event yesterday! I really appreciate the exhaustive time & effort put forth in creating this. Thanks for always striving to put out great content!"

Steve Dengate says:

"Tom, Nick and your whole team did a wonderful job today! The economic update may have been your finest hour. In this era of great uncertainty, you did a great job of bringing meaning to what’s occurring and more importantly what might occur and how to address it."

Peter Pomykacz says:

"Tom and Nick have created some of the most anticipated events in real estate investing, bringing together like-minded individuals from novice to expert, to deliver the most current and relevant news you can use. I find these events are great for learning, networking and friendship. Guys, keep doing what you're doing!"

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