Are you looking for Canadian specific real estate experience and expertise?  You can work with Tom & Nick in several ways and schedule permitting they are open to select speaking engagements.  Here’s a quick summary of how to work with them:

  1. Private Consulting Engagements (one-time consultations to complete project engagements)
  2. Rock Star Real Estate Inc. (real estate brokerage)
  3. Rock Star Reports (weekly investing lessons delivered as 5-7 page reports)

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Tom & Nick are available on a limited basis and by application only for private consulting.  They are willing to cover any real estate investing or small business topics that you choose.

From experience with hundreds of investing clients they have assembled several consulting options:

  1. Tom_Speaking30-Minute “Burning Questions” Private Telephone Meeting.  If you have several questions that you need answers to and are willing to send your questions in advance so that they can prepare for your call.
  2. 60-Minute “Let’s Get Down To Some Nitty Gritty Details” Private Phone Consultation.  This is for you if you have detailed questions and situations that you would like to discuss and review.  You have a specific desired outcome for your call and agree to submit a brief overview of your goals for the call.
  3. In-Person “One-on-One Laser Focused” Private Business and Investment Analysis.  If you want to dive into your real estate business or any other small business challenges and initiatives this is for you.  You’ll be required to share detailed information of your business to ensure that the biggest and best opportunities for you are uncovered.
  4. Personal “We’re In This Together” Investment Coaching.  You would like ongoing guidance because you’re working on a specific property, project or business initiative.  This inclused multiple phone calls and in-person consultations and access to Tom & Nick’s private phone and email addresses.

If there is no availability when you submit your request your request you will be notified as soon as they are available.

For more details and pricing please email

Picture of Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage Logo

Rock Star Real Estate Inc. is a brokerage designed to work primarily with real estate investors.  If you’re looking to acquire, analyze, buy or sell investment property we are here to serve you.  Our experience ranges from single family homes to condos to multi unit buildings.

We’ve been highlighted in the National Post and interviewed on the Business News Network BNN to discuss our thoughts on the real estate market.

The idea behind Rock Star Real Estate is to have a brokerage that is “one-stop-shopping” for the Canadian real estate investor.

Between their experienced team and database of contacts that include, lawyers, accountants, commercial and residential lenders, contractors and inspectors Rock Star Real Estate is an asset to both beginner and experienced investors.

You can visit the brokerage website here and learn more about the amazing team here.

We’ve poured our hearts into a 52-week training program called the Rock Star Reports.

Each week you receive a new 5-7 page report emailed to you outlining a particular aspect of real estate investing. Everything from commercial financing to cash flow analysis, to using Statistics Canada for research.

These “bite-sized” dosages of training are our way of not overwhelming you with pages of material. The feedback has been amazing. And it’s 100% affordable, $27/month!

You can learn more by visiting: