Rock Star Member Event Winter 2020

Are you looking for Canadian specific real estate experience and expertise?  You can work with Tom & Nick in several ways and schedule permitting they are open to select speaking engagements.  Here’s a quick summary of how to work with them:

  1. Rock Star Inner Circle Membership
  2. Rock Star Inner Circle VIP Membership
  3. Rock Star Real Estate Inc. (real estate brokerage)
  4. Rock Star Reports (weekly investing lessons delivered as 5-7 page reports)

Learn more about each…


Rock Star Inner Circle Membership

Become a part of the Inner Circle and join the team of investors helping other investors.

The goal for the entire Inner Circle membership is the same, to live life on your terms. That may be mean retiring early, going on trips around the world, putting your kids through school, quitting your job, or something else. But ultimately, we’re a team, supporting one another to reach that dream!

Your Life Your Terms Event Crowd

Members at one of the Your Life. Your Terms. Events hosted 3 times every year!

As an Inner Circle Member, you’ll receive:

1. One-on-One Personalized Coaching: Receive ongoing, one-on-one private coaching/consulting customized to reach your real estate investing goals. Every Rock Star Coach is an investor themselves.

2. Private Initial Goal Setting Consultation: An initial private consultation to review investment strategies and come up with a selection that will be used to start or expand your investing.

Members attending one of the many classes available.

3. Member’s-ONLY Training Classes (no additional charges): We offer over 16 regularly reoccurring training classes specific to the topics you need to know when investing in real estate. Learn from top experts in their field to understand different investing strategies, how to deal with property managers, find and set up joint venture deals, your landlord rights, mortgage financing tips, tax planning and accounting, and many more! 

4. Ontario-Specific Real Estate Investing Legal Forms and Contracts: Access to Ontario-Specific Real Estate Investing Legal Forms and Contracts including traditional leases, student leases, rent to own contracts, joint venture agreements, etc.

5. Step-by-Step Real Estate Systems: You will receive the exact scripts, ads, agreements, strategies, role-playing sessions, follow-up emails and everything you need to get started or grow your real estate investment portfolio, documented. 

6. 12-Page Monthly Rock Star Inner Circle Member’s Only Newsletter: The Rock Star Inner Circle Newsletter, where not only are the latest tactics, strategies and topics impacting investors discussed. It is also an insight into the hundreds of other members’ investments, successes and blueprints they’ve used. 

7. Monthly Audio Interviews with Industry Experts: Exclusive audio interviews delivered monthly with industry professionals, economists, consultants, authors and successful members (CD & MP3). 

8. Members-Only Website: Access to our restricted Rock Star Inner Circle Members’ Website with archived Rock Star Member Resources, our updated contracts and forms, and our continually updated “Million Dollar Resource Directory”

9. Complimentary Registrations to the Your Life. Your Terms. Events: Receive free tickets to our Your Life. Your Terms. Events, which take place 3 times a year. These events feature special guest speakers, the Rock Star Economic Update, access to the whole Rock Star Team, and hundreds of local active investors to learn from, leverage an partner with.

10. Best Buy Weekly Hot Sheet: Our Best Buy Weekly Hot List of Properties sent to your email inbox regularly.

11. OPEN ACCESS: Very simply as an inner circle member, you’re encouraged to reach out to us with questions or subjects you would like to see discussed in the inner circle newsletter or upcoming audio programs.

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Rock Star Inner Circle VIP Membership

For added value, upgrade your Inner Circle Membership to VIP. This intimate, exclusive group of some of the most motivated and experienced real estate investors across Southern Ontario know the power of being part of a top-tier group to push themselves to the next level.

As a VIP, on top of all of the core member benefits, you will receive:

Live Quarterly VIP Training Classes
There are three things that we are consistently asked for:
• More Rock Star Quality Training Classes
• More “Behind the Scenes” of the Economic Updates, More Personal Development Strategies & More Insights Into Real Estate
• More Time to Network with Action Taking Investors

We’re answering the call with Quarterly VIP Exclusive Half-Day Training Classes & Town Hall Sessions. Class topics and content are constantly changing in real time to ensure VIP Members are getting the very latest information—no two VIP classes are ever the same!

VIP Video Conferences with Tom & Nick Karadza
Nick and I host LIVE video conferences exclusively for VIP Members, either with ‘hard to reach’ guest experts or ourselves, where we tackle one important topic after another.

VIP Member Only FREE Semi-Annual Dinner & Networking Event

Yes, you read this right!! Twice a year we get together as a group. Nick and I will be there… AND, hopefully, you will be there too! Rock Star VIP Members are the best, brightest, and most successful real estate investors, with the most amazing marketing and sales skills in the Rock Star Inner Circle. This is your chance to meet them. Your chance to make Joint Venture relationships and make deals. Your chance to learn what they are doing successfully and copy their models.

An “INVITATION ONLY” Facebook Group Exclusively for VIP Members to Network in Real Time!

How great would it be to ask questions to other Rock Star Members and receive (or give) guidance and advice when you have a burning question? A few years ago we introduced the VIP Members’ Private Facebook Group and it’s been a great success.

VIP Front of the Line Access to ALL Classes Including ANY of the Brand New Classes that Always Fill Up

We are introducing more “Specialty Classes” to the Rock Star Membership all the time. Student Rentals, Multi-Unit Investing, Joint Venture Strategies, Property Management Techniques, Updated Real Estate Accounting & Tax Classes, Landlord Legal Rights and more. As a VIP Member, you will have front-of-the-line access to our Training Room for each of these!

Access to Private One-on-One Consultations with Tom and Nick

We both guard our time viciously. Time is the most wasted, underused and often least understood asset we all deal with every single day. Our daily morning and weekly work routines are precious to us. We do not like to be disturbed. But…
There’s one group of people we’re making time for and that is Rock Star VIP Members. As a VIP Member, you’re able to book up to 3 private consultations with us throughout the year to discuss anything you’d like.

$200 Discount on our Processing & Investor Support Fee (reg: $495) Along With Upcoming Rock Star Programs and Events

Here’s a “hard money” benefit that will put money in your pocket and if you’re looking to acquire several properties this benefit alone will put hundreds of dollars directly back into your pocket with a $200 savings off our regular $495 Administrative & Processing Fee.

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Picture of Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage Logo

Rock Star Real Estate Inc. is a brokerage designed to work primarily with real estate investors.  If you’re looking to acquire, analyze, buy or sell investment property we are here to serve you.  Our experience ranges from single family homes to condos to multi unit buildings.

We’ve been highlighted in the National Post and interviewed on the Business News Network BNN to discuss our thoughts on the real estate market.

The idea behind Rock Star Real Estate is to have a brokerage that is “one-stop-shopping” for the Canadian real estate investor.

Between their experienced team and database of contacts that include, lawyers, accountants, commercial and residential lenders, contractors and inspectors Rock Star Real Estate is an asset to both beginner and experienced investors.

You can visit the brokerage website here and learn more about the amazing team here.

We’ve poured our hearts into a 52-week training program called the Rock Star Reports.

Each week you receive a new 5-7 page report emailed to you outlining a particular aspect of real estate investing. Everything from commercial financing to cash flow analysis, to using Statistics Canada for research.

These “bite-sized” dosages of training are our way of not overwhelming you with pages of material. The feedback has been amazing. And it’s 100% affordable, $27/month!

You can learn more by visiting: