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Plus, receive special bonuses reserved exclusively for vip members.
together, they are worth $4,546.
and many vip members consider these the most valuable part of the entire program.


SPECIAL BONUS #1 Intro to VIP Q&A Call with Tom & Nick ($287 in value)
SPECIAL BONUS #2 The Perfect Week Formula: Build Your Business Around Your Life, Not Your Life Around Your Business ($145 in value)
SPECIAL BONUS #3 Magic Internet Money: A Book About Bitcoin ($30 in value)
SPECIAL BONUS #4 Your Life. Your Terms. RSIC VIP Member Hoodie ($50 in value)
SPECIAL BONUS #5 The Neuroscience of High Performance ($160 in value)
SPECIAL BONUS #6 2018 Inflation-Busting Pricing Rollback ($281 in value)
SPECIAL BONUS #7 VIP 1-on-1 Real Estate Portfolio Review + 2023 Strategic Planning & Investment Blueprint Session with your Rock Star Coach ($395 Value)
SPECIAL BONUS #8 Rock Star Roadmap to Navigating the Unpredictable & Growing Your Business  ($1,549 Value)
SPECIAL BONUS #9 Rock Star’s Practical Guide to Running Your Own Real Estate Empire  ($1,449 Value)
SPECIAL BONUS #10 Online Marketing Foundations - A Proven Step-by-Step Formula to Create, Run & Master Your Very Own Online Marketing ($397 Value)
SPECIAL BONUS #11 Creating Cash Flow From Scratch – Zero Dollars and Zero Clients to Seven Figures ($525 Value)
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From: Tom & Nick Karadza

If you’ve been a Rock Star Inner Circle Member for any length of time you’ve become familiar, comfortable, and conversant with the “language” and “culture” of our unique “tribe” of great people. You’ve proven yourself to be one of us – a forward-thinking, progressive, assertive, action-taker utilizing “Rock-Star-Style” investing – and we want to reward you for your commitment to yourself and your business.

At this point, you should have separated yourself from the “dreamers” and the “couch potatoes” that make excuses. You are serious about IMPLEMENTATION. You’ve transitioned from reading and listening to learning and ACTION. You’ve no doubt experienced profound breakthroughs in the way you think about your investing. You’re a lot like our most successful Members.

The only question that we have for you is…

Why aren’t you a Rock Star Inner Circle VIP Member?

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Read on...

One of Nick’s favorite sayings is: “The BIGGEST difference between an average income and Financial Freedom is IMPLEMENTATION.” – But there’s another thing that skyrockets people up the ladder of success; access to the best and brightest minds in the field. And if you haven’t reached the top of the ladder, or if you know you could do better, that could be what you’re missing.

To be completely blunt, over the past few years we have helped Rock Star Inner Circle Members acquire over ONE and a HALF BILLION dollars in investment real estate. The systems and processes we’ve created have given us national exposure and attracted speaking requests to other investing groups around the country. Why? It’s because we deliver FAST, PHENOMENAL results. Together we’ve guided hundreds of investors to achieve the success in real estate investing that they were searching for – for years! Will you be next?

Or perhaps you want to grow your income streams beyond just real estate?
Business creation, development, growth, and systems are the other focus of this group. We openly share the most successful strategies we’ve used to grow our business from two guys working out of a storage room trying to figure out the next steps to one of Canada’s fastest-growing on the Profit 500 list for five straight years.

Creating multiple streams of income was the tipping point financially for us. The impact was so huge that we wanted to help other people do the same thing, but avoid the missteps we took.

Everything covered in the VIP group is from the first-hand experience, by us or anyone involved. 

"I cannot express how awesome the VIP Membership is! We have 3 properties as a direct result of being VIP members. Our cash flow for 2 of these is $520 with the third cash flowing $315-$160. I think everyone should do it!"
Dan Illman
Holland Landing, Ontario

Frankly, we’re still learning from many of the members as well.

We guess it could be our fault that you’re not already a VIP Member.

Maybe we’ve failed to specifically and directly invite you…

To fully explain the privileges and information reserved EXCLUSIVELY for VIP Members, to push you about this.

Or it’s possible you haven’t joined because you just became aware of all the benefits of this higher level of Rock Star Inner Circle Membership including direct, live, and in-person, intimate access to Nick and me. If that’s the case, we can fix that right now with this letter.

If there is one thing that is absolutely, abundantly, inarguably clear about our Members who keep breaking their own records, topping their own incomes, hitting one new peak after another; it’s that they invest heavily in acquiring and using EVERYTHING we make available – especially to VIP Members.

There’s a rapidly growing list of these members who’ve increased their year-to-year cash flow… started new businesses or added-on more properties using systems that cut their work by 1/3rd while increasing their net worth.

If you ask for a show of hands at a Rock Star Member Event, as to which members are taking the most action and which are VIP Members, you’ll see the same hands. It’s just NOT a coincidence that they are the ones “in the front row” of everything that is offered. VIP Membership does NOT “cost”… it is an investment!

Maybe you haven’t joined because you feel you’re already getting more information than you can put to use. To put it bluntly, that’s a sad excuse to stay in the minor leagues. It probably means you’re wasting too much time doing stuff that’s a ‘2’ on a 1-10 opportunity scale.

It’s our firm belief that most people completely UNDER INVEST in both their long-term investing AND their personal development. The VIP Program was created to help solve this.

Actually, THE best reason TO step up to VIP Member is so you can create time and productivity and investing breakthroughs. Furthermore, nowhere else do we laser-focus on the highest value info in such concise form.

Well, whatever the reason you’ve been missing out, we’d like to fix this mistake right now – and offer you a list of valuable BONUSES as a reward for taking IMMEDIATE action. (Plus, you’ll actually get to network with the ‘Best of the Best’ Rock Star Inner Circle Members in this ‘exclusive’ program… as you will soon see!)

"Tom, Nick and their team are a constant source of Inspiration (with a capital “I”) in anything related to business, achieving your goals, general self-improvement and learning. The Rock Star membership, including everything I learned along the way, my personal experiences and exposure to a like-minded group of individuals with a common goal was a MAJOR paradigm shift for me - a person who had always worked a “corporate” 9-to-5 job. Their enthusiasm and energy are absolutely contagious - and, most importantly, it’s not fake. They practice what they preach and if that wasn’t enough (although it really should be - they are amazingly efficient and quite successful thanks to their dedication and laser focus on their goals) - a huge group of investors that formed around them is a living proof that when you disregard the naysayers, overcome the obstacles, ignore the negativity and put your mind to something - you will achieve it. Even if you never invest in real estate - simply being around these guys energizes and motivates beyond belief. If you do invest - hands down, absolutely the best investment advice you can get would be from them. I sincerely believe that my views and my life has changed immensely, since I’ve been introduced to the Rock Star team. If you are hesitating whether to join or not - don’t. It is absolutely worth it and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t."
VIP Member Teymur Mammadov
Mississauga, Ontario
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The 7 Big Benefits of Upgrading to Rock Star VIP Membership

BIG BENEFIT #1 Live Quarterly VIP Training Classes

4 Quarterly LIVE & IN-PERSON Training Classes & Town Hall Sessions

There are several items that we are consistently asked for:

  • More Rock Star Quality Training Classes
  • More "Behind the Scenes" of the Economic Updates, More Personal Development Strategies & More Insights Into Real Estate
  • More Time to Network with Action Taking Investors

We’re answering the call with Quarterly VIP Exclusive Half Day Training Classes & Town Hall Sessions.

Each Quarter Get the Very Latest:

Behind the Scenes Economic Updates, Real Estate Developments, Hot Seat Insights, Effective Business and Marketing Strategies & High-Performance Personal Development Breakthroughs...

Important Special Note on VIP Classes: Class topics and content are constantly changing in real time to ensure VIP Members are getting the very latest information—no two VIP classes are ever the same!

Here are examples of past Monthly VIP Classes

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS: How We Prepared for 2022 Without Knowing It... And The Lessons We’re Taking Into 2023 For ANY Economic Environment

This year has felt like a big roller coaster ride for most of us.

Except it’s not over yet.

We’ve only headed down the first gigantic hill.

So much has changed in less than a year as interest rates spiked, liquidity dried up, and massive amounts of wealth were wiped out.

It was necessary, even expected, but it doesn’t make it fun.

In hindsight, it’s easy to see we were doing things that positioned us well for these times, even if we didn’t know it at the time.

As we plan for 2023 there are strategies we know we won’t change... while we’re adding other layers on top to prepare for what’s in store for all of us next year.

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS: Create Your Plan B: How To Achieve Multiple Passports & Citizenships Around the World

Ever fantasized about living, working and enjoying life in the country of your choice? We’re guessing your answer is x yes.

Residency & citizenship rights can open up incredible freedom, opportunities, and tax advantages around the world for you. But where do you even start trying to figure out how to do it, where you can go, and what different jurisdictions’ requirements are?

Trying to figure it all out on your own can be a disaster.

So we asked the Founder and CEO of The Global Residency & Citizenship Group, Rogelio Caceres, to fly in from Miami to speak with us. Rogelio’s company helps connect individuals, families, and businesses with residency and citizenship solutions that suit them best.

Rogelio spoke to VIPs about the paperwork, real estate, and legal and residency requirements to achieve passports & 2nd citizenship for multiple jurisdictions around the world. This is just the beginning of our journey

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS:  How to Monitor the Global Credit Markets for Early Signs of Interest Rate Moves with Special Guest Greg Foss!

Greg Foss shared how we can all analyze and monitor the credit markets.

This info can give us insights into interest rate moves, credit contagion events and the real estate market.

Nothing drives the world of real estate and markets more than credit.

This is probably the most important information we can share with you at this moment in time. And Greg has 32 years of experience trading high-yield credit to share with us.

He was on ground zero for the 2008 financial crisis and has deep experience with risk management.

Greg brought the heat in his session as he always does!

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS: How To Sell Your Properties For Maximum Profits & Transfer Your Wealth To Other Countries with Andrew Topping

Tom and Nick’s personal accountant, Andrew Topping, spoke about how to best transfer wealth from your properties.

There are strategies you can use to protect as much of your profits as possible from taxes.

There are also strategies for best-accessing profits & equity to take with you to different countries.

These strategies can save you thousands of dollars in taxes.

And if you’re going to be tapping into your Canadian wealth to set up a “Plan B” in another country, you need to protect as much of it as you can.

As well as make the wealth transition as smooth as possible.



We experimented with this once before and it worked out so well we’re incorporating into each of the Rock Star VIP Classes.

TOWN HALL SESSION: As part of the classes we’ll have an open Town Hall format question and answer session that will allow us to share with each other.

We can discuss anything on your mind:  mortgages, interest rates, housing prices, U.S. investing etc.

The VIP Group is made up of investors with vast experiences and often the answer you’re looking for on almost any topic resides with someone in the room.

So during the classes, we’ll open up the floor to free flowing question and answer time between Rock Star VIP Members.

We’ll be there moderating it and participating as well. In the past, these frank discussions have helped investors with tax questions, with flipping properties, with website traffic generation and Joint Ventures and more.

Your peers make up a powerful resource and this format quickly turns into an effective “mastermind” session between like-minded individuals.

Of course we also discuss ADVANCED ‘What’s-Working-NOW’ strategies with top real estate investors from within the Rock Star Inner Circle membership.

For example, you recently missed a class that got more positive feedback than any others…Time Management Simplified: How To Manage Your Time To Achieve Maximum Results.

Achieving peak productivity is the quickest way to achieving more. We revealed to VIP Rock Star Members our secrets for implementing a system to add (at least) 10 more productive, money earning, hours to your week.

Time Management is one of the easiest concepts to overlook, take for granted and ignore but it’s no exaggeration to say that by following what we shared on this class was 90 minutes that could have transformed your life!

Other classes like this, that you’ve been missing include…

*VIP Rock Star ‘Pure Gold’ Class...We shared our most intimate understanding of the precious metals and how and why we choose to own them at this point in the economic cycle. Not only did we share why we’re holding Gold & Silver but explained when exactly we’ll sell it as well.

*VIP Rock Star ‘Economic Update – Your Questions Answered’ Class…Your understanding of economic cycles is the key to acquiring the proper assets and protecting your wealth. This call is often just before or just after a Member Event so that VIP Rock Star members have the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification to exactly what is going on in this “new global economic reality.”

And you’ve been missing out on classes where Nick and I delve deep into specific, high-value topics like How To Manage Your Tenants To Increase Profits From Simple & Effective Communication Strategies...

Of course, VIP Rock Star Members also get access to the recordings of every class online in the VIP ONLY section at RockStarMemberSite.com as a back-up, in case you missed the class (although you’d be crazy to), and file for future reference… building a unique and exclusive ‘Success Library’ not available to the public.

Yes, you read this right!! Twice a year we get together as a group simply to eat and build relationships.

Nick and I will be there... AND, hopefully you will be there too! Rock Star VIP Members are the best, brightest, and most successful real estate investors, with the most amazing marketing and sales skills in the Rock Star Inner Circle. This is your chance to meet them. Your chance to make Joint Venture relationships and make deals. Your chance to learn what they are doing successfully and copy their models.

At the risk of sounding COCKY – What would a day of networking with other Rock Star VIP Members and ‘live’ access to both Nick and myself be worth to you? Not to mention the opportunity to meet and rub elbows with the ‘Best of the Best’ Rock Star Inner Circle Members.

These VIP Dinners have exceeded even our wildest dreams of what is possible when you gather up an incredible group of people. We rent out the ENTIRE restaurant exclusively for you.

We are CONSTANTLY reported to that these dinners are of priceless value. The opportunity to share successes and perhaps more importantly…brainstorm solutions to current challenges…with other successful investors is worth pure GOLD.

This is a group of people that understands what you are going through and can give you the kick in the rear that you need to reach the next level. Countless, life-long, relationships are created at these dinners along with business relationships and real estate partnerships. This is the place to rub elbows with the best of the best.

VIP NETWORKING: We can sometimes get comfortable in speaking to the same people over and over again. This isn’t the best way to get fresh ideas or new answers to your challenges.

The Rock Star VIP group is chalk-full of very successful people in the very diverse industries and niches. This is your opportunity to surround yourself with a group of new peers who will quickly become some of your closest.

We’re told over and over again that the people VIP members meet at Rock Star Events and Dinners become very valuable resources, friends and sometimes even Joint Venture partners.

BIG BENEFIT #3 Access to Exclusive VIP Sections of the Your Life. Your Terms. App and Member Site – Untap the Wealth of Years of VIP Knowledge with Class Archives!

We’ve all had those moments where a problem pops up at the least convenient time. You know the solution was discussed in a class you attended, but WHAT EXACTLY DID THEY SAY?

Don’t stress or second guess. It’s easier than ever to quickly reference back and get the answers you need when you need them. VIPs can jump onto the VIP section on their phone or computer, pull up the class and find the answers they need. It’s that simple.

Your time is valuable.

That’s why we’ve ensured VIP Members have direct access to all VIP resources, classes, and more in the Exclusive VIP section of the Your Life. Your Terms. App and RockStarMemberSite.com.

You’ll also find all of the bonus lessons VIPs are sent when they upgrade, so you can access them whenever, wherever. Plus, you can download the classes and bonuses so you can access them anyway, regardless of internet connection.

You’ve heard the proverb, the best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago, the second best time is today.

The same holds true with VIP classes. The best time to have listened was when they happened live, the second best time is today!

The wealth of knowledge shared in these classes is still just as applicable today as the day they were first shared... now is your opportunity to digest the entire archive of VIP classes, available on the YLYT app or www.RockStarMemberSite.com, and to implement those lessons into your life, business, and investments as soon as possible.

Here are just a few of the lessons all VIP members learn...

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS:  What the Cycles of History Tell Us About Canada’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny

Through our own study of history and economics, it’s become clear that there are cycles and patterns that repeat.

It wasn’t until we read the book, The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe, that we gained clarity of these patterns and how often they seem to repeat.

During this VIP Class, we broke down our research, notes and observations on this material. We find that understanding history gives us a sense of confidence about the future.

It’s as if we can put ourselves in the right position to front-run some of the changes that are coming our way.

And over the next 3-5 years it seems we’re due for a huge amount of them if history is our guide.

These cycles of history play out in epic proportions - and we can all profit from them once we understand them.

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS:  Put Your Real Estate Investing On Steroids With “Infinite Banking” Life Insurance

What if we told you that you can have your cake and eat it too? Well with high cash value life insurance policies there may be a way to achieve this impossible feat.

We brought on Darren Mitchell, author of Be the Bank: How the Wealthy Control and Compound Their Money And How You Can Too.

We discussed how the truly wealthy aren’t using RRSPs to save for their retirement but instead are leveraging insurance policies to multiply their investing.

Here’s what Darren covered:

  • How the wealthy CONTROL & COMPOUND their money & how you can too!
  • A life insurance hack proven to MULTIPLY your wealth!
  • How using this strategy FAR outpaces the returns an RRSP can provide!
  • Open Q&A session with VIP Members!

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS:  Private Lending: How To Do It, How To Secure It & How To Ensure It’s Profitable

For years we couldn’t understand why the lawyer and accountants we were chatting with didn’t ask us about real estate investments.

We later learned that they already owned properties.

We weren’t surprised of course.

But something else we learned did shock us.

They were taking profits from their investments and lending out money privately to the tune of 6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10% ... sometimes even 14%!

And the more we investigated the more we learned that many of the wealthiest people we knew were doing the same thing!

They were the bank, picking and choosing who they would lend money to.

In this VIP Class, we shared how you do it, how to structure private lending, who you lend to, loan-to-value ratios to target, how to protect yourself and more.

We brought on Mortgage Broker, Dave Butler, and Real Estate Lawyer, Gerry Gatto, to walk us through the legalities and process for setting up private lending.

We also brought on VIP Member and experienced private lender, Don Vogel, to walk us through his personal experience lending mortgages on over 40+ properties.

EXCLUSIVE VIP CLASS:  From Seashells to Gold to Bitcoin...the Evolution of Money and What’s Coming Next

We cover the COMPLETE evolution of money over the past thousands of years and most importantly dive into what money is evolving to next.

“History shows it is not possible to insulate yourselves from the consequences of others holding money that is harder than yours.” - Saifedean Ammous

We break down exactly what this important quote means and why it is CRITICAL for protecting the wealth of yourself and your family.

We truly feel that it is our duty to be sharing the critical information that so few people are sharing right now.

For the sake of protecting our families and what we’ve worked so hard for as Canadians.

BIG BENEFIT #4 An “INVITATION ONLY” Facebook and Telegram Group Exclusively for VIP Members to Network in Real Time!

Having a network of like-minded individuals you can easily connect with, ask advice, and share experiences is invaluable. Rock Star Members can do just that by joining the private RSIC VIP Facebook group.

This forum is your chance to ask questions, get answers, share strategies, and maybe even find a JV partnership or more in an environment for VIP Members ONLY!

The VIP Facebook group is your place to:

ASK: Being a part of an active group of investors has benefits, including experienced advice and trade recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a contact in a specific area, advice, feedback, introduction, etc. this group is an invaluable resource for quick, useful answers.

GIVE: You’re a VIP and you have valuable knowledge and experience you can share to help others excel in their own journey. This is a great forum for giving back and sharing strategies, forms, expertise, and lessons you’ve learned that can benefit fellow VIPs.

PRAISE: You’re praising someone in the group for something they’ve done or helped you with. Since there are many requests for different contacts, this can extend to people outside the group if you feel it can be beneficial.

NETWORK: Building connections, learning from active investors, having discussions, and gaining motivation from a group of doers that will challenge and motivate you to succeed. Many Joint Venture partnerships have started by the connections formed in this group. Access to like-minded individuals who are actively doing what you’re trying to do is a gold mine!

STAY UP-TO-DATE: Your Rock Star Membership team will keep the group up-to-date with the latest exclusive VIP classes and news.

This is exclusively for VIP members, so access is by request only! If you’re a VIP Member, one of the Rock Star Membership Coordinators will let you in! You’ll then have complete access to the group. You’ll be able to search the group for previous discussions on topics you’re interested in, comment on existing posts, or create a new post to start a new conversation!

It’s never been easier to have such a high-caliber group of investors come together!

BIG BENEFIT #5 VIP Front of the Line Access to ALL Classes, PLUS First Access to Events & Event Recordings!

We are introducing more “Specialty Classes” to the Rock Star Membership all the time.

Forcing Appreciation, Legal Second & Garden Suites, Airbnb, Infill Land Development, Student Rentals, Multi-Unit Investing, Joint Venture Strategies, Property Management Techniques, Updated Real Estate Accounting & Tax Classes, Landlord Legal Rights, and more. 

On top of that, we’ve added more classes about business building, multiple 

streams of income, and creating new sources of cash flow not specific to real estate. Demand is already huge, in fact, they’re overflowing.

As a VIP Member, you will have front-of-the-line access to our Training Room for each of these!

One Joint Venture Class had over 150 members respond from a single email – we know the demand for these classes will be high and the value added to your own education and confidence is HUGE!

Plus, as VIP Members, you get first access to Your Life. Your Terms. Event registration and Event recordings!

These events are packed with insights and strategies that can benefit you and your investments from day 1 so early access gives you a competitive advantage and can help you move forward faster with confidence!

Having event recordings before the rest of the crowd means you can take the lessons, updates, and insights shared and put them to work right away. As investors, we know how important it is to act fast and act smart.

The information shared in these recordings has the power to help you do just that, and that’s too big of an advantage to overlook.

BIG BENEFIT #6 Access to Private One-on-One Consultations with Tom and Nick

We both guard our time viciously. Time is the most wasted, underused, and often least understood asset we all deal with every single day.  Our daily morning and weekly work routines are precious to us.  We do not like to be disturbed. But...

There’s one group of people we’re making time for and that is Rock Star VIP Members.  As a VIP Member, you’re able to book up to 2 private consultations with us throughout the year to discuss anything you’d like.

In the past we’ve consulted on real estate portfolios, raising money, marketing campaigns, social media strategies, and business development.

We’ve critiqued 5-year investing plans and brainstormed new business ideas and had all sorts of discussions with VIP Members.

The only reason we’re agreeing to this is that we’ve found VIP Members are practitioners of the “slight advantage.”  They are people who value that one piece of information that may change the course of their lives.

We enjoy sitting down with people like that because we’re exactly the same.

Again, at the risk of sounding arrogant, we’d like you to know that this is an opportunity that we may not offer next year.  You likely already know if we can be of help to you - take advantage of this now.

BIG BENEFIT #7 $200 Discount on our Lifetime Investor Support Fee (reg: $495) Along With Upcoming Rock Star Programs and Events

Here’s a “hard money” benefit that will put money in your pocket and if you’re looking to acquire several properties this benefit alone will put hundreds of dollars directly back into your pocket with a $200 savings off our regular $495 Lifetime Investor Support Fee with anything else we do, for example:

This will also be the year we roll out two new things.

  • Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit – A new, high-level, yearly event focused on the latest business building, marketing, and productivity strategies and tactics we’ve learned in growing our businesses from $0 to high seven figures.
  • A private, one on one coaching program with Nick or myself to take the strategies that work, morph them to your specific business, and have them implemented.

Not only will you have first access to these but you will receive a discounted rate. Although the final investment amounts for each of these are still to be finalized the savings on one of these programs will pay for a large amount or even your entire year’s VIP membership.

Of course, as a Rock Star Inner Circle VIP Member, you’ll continue to receive ALL of the benefits of Membership including:

  1. The monthly 12-page Monthly RSIC Newsletter
  2. Personalized coaching with your Rock Star coach
  3. Access to Your Life. Your Terms. events at no cost
  4. Rock Star Member Training Classes
  5. Private Member’s Only website
  6. Access to our “Power Team,” and more

BOTTOM LINE – YOU’VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON the best… the highest level… the most insider of insider information from Nick and I, drawn from our current experiences and accumulated successes, and from our top coaching members and clients.

Frankly, we reserve our most important information and insights for RSIC VIP Members and we make no bones about it!

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How Much is All This Worth?

As we just mentioned, Nick and I guard our time ferociously. We also invest tens of thousands of dollars a year on our own education growth, mastermind groups, events, and meetings.

As a result, we have access to a lot of top professionals throughout North America and are familiar with what’s included in many of their programs, and what they charge for them. It is ALWAYS our intent to deliver “more for less” to our own Members at every opportunity.

In this instance, we are doing exactly that. It is very common for this type of coaching program to provide only one advisor rather than an entire Mastermind Team, fewer calls, and less direct access to have your own questions answered, to cost $800 to $1,200 per month or even more.

However, the fee for this entire VIP Membership is $187.95 $167.95 (till Jan. 3, 2023) + HST per month… probably less than your monthly cable TV bill… and they don’t teach these Money Making Strategies on TV.

We suppose that we should point out, just ONE really good idea, strategy, improvement or kick in the butt you get from all this can easily provide more added income in your life, your investing, your business than the whole year’s investment.

In fact, one of our RSIC VIP Members shared with us that he managed to earn over $50,000 in PROFITS from the buy-out of just one of his properties and is cash flowing so strongly on his others that he is aggressively pushing his profits back into buying even more property. And these properties are in areas that he would not have looked at seriously, was it not for their RSIC VIP Membership.

In many areas of life, investing and business, only ONE or just a few good new ideas you wouldn’t get otherwise, recoups the entire year’s investment. Anyway, we’re sure you realize it is a nearly trivial fee to request, in comparison to all the value being delivered. And it is THE ONLY WAY to get access to the ADVANCED strategies that we’re assembling, along with our entire team.

So, Are You Ready to Upgrade to RSIC VIP Membership?

Let’s review all the things you’re missing out on:

  • Exclusive VIP Training Classes, past classes include:
    • Why We Can’t Ignore Bitcoin: How to Buy It, Store It & What’s Next For The Crypto Market
    • Family Estate Planning Series: How to Use Corporations and Family Trusts to Maximize Tax Efficiencies & Pass Assets to the Next Generation with Andrew Topping
    • How to Monitor the Global Credit Markets for Early Signs of Interest Rate Moves with Special Guest Greg Foss!
    • The Infill Development Opportunity: The Step-by-Step Approach to Profiting from Small Development Projects
    • PLUS: Town Hall Format Q & A session
  • Rock Star VIP Member Only FREE Semi-Annual Dinner & Networking Event
  • Access to Exclusive VIP Sections of the Your Life. Your Terms. App and Member Site – Untap the Wealth of Years of VIP Knowledge with Class Archives!
  • Exclusive, for VIP Members Only, Facebook and Telegram Group for Real-Time Networking
  • $200 Discount on our Lifetime Investor Support Fee (reg: $495) Along With Upcoming Rock Star Programs and Events
  • Access to Private One-on-One Consultations with Tom & Nick
  • VIP Front of the Line Access to ALL Classes,
    PLUS First Access to Events & Recordings!
  • Of course, as a ROCK STAR INNER CIRCLE
    VIP Member you’ll continue to receive ALL of the benefits of Membership including:
    • The monthly 12-Page Monthly RSIC Newsletter
    • Personalized coaching with your Rock Star coach
    • Access to Your Life. Your Terms. events at no cost
    • Rock Star Member Training Classes
    • Private Member’s Only website
    • Access to our “Power Team”, and more
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Receive 11 Valuable Bonuses by Upgrading

If you’ve read this far we know you’re one of us. So we’re going to ethically bribe you to take action to make this year your best, most powerful, most profitable year ever.

If you take us up on our already very generous offer we’re going to give you these 5 incredible bonuses.

BONUS #1: VIP 1 ON 1 Real Estate Portfolio Review + 2023 Strategic Planning & Investment Blueprint Session with your Rock Star Coach

The New Year is a natural time to reflect on the past and make goals for the year ahead.

But too often the goals go ignored and it’s another year before you’re sitting down to write the same goals down, once again.

But in 2023, starting the year off as a new VIP, you’re already taking action, and putting yourself in a better position for success than 99% of the competition.

Now’s the time to keep that momentum going.

As a new VIP, you have the opportunity to sit down for a 1-on-1 meeting with your Rock Star Coach for a strategy session to make 2023 the year you set yourself up to reach your goals.

Take note of what you’ve done, create actionable goals you can hold yourself accountable to reach, and determine a strategy that works for you to get there.

You have an expert at your hands, use them to your advantage. They know what will and won’t work and can guide you to a plan that’ll actually work FOR YOU!

This is the type of advice available to very few, and those who take advantage of it are the ones to watch out for in 2023 because they’ll be unstoppable!

BONUS #2: Rock Star Roadmap to Navigating the Unpredictable & Growing Your Business ($1,549 Value)

When sh*t hits the fan, you need a reliable strategy to maneuver yourself, your business and your assets into a position to come out smelling like roses.

This 4-part course walks you through the processes Rock Star and other businesses how put in place to tackle the challenges we all face and the systems and mindset you need to thrive.

Lesson 1: The Entrepreneur’s Journey, Changing Business Landscape & Huge Macro Trends to Ride

Entrepreneurship is rarely a straight path. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is often a long and winded journey.

But what if you can cut short your pathway to success? What if you can avoid the common mistakes and go straight to the valuable lessons learned that you can apply to YOUR business?

That’s exactly what you’ll get with “The Entrepreneur’s Journey, Changing Business Landscape & Huge Macro Trends to Ride”. You’ll learn the common pitfalls entrepreneurs fall into and how to avoid them. How to spot and take advantage of new business opportunities. How to build and use a successful entrepreneur’s mindset (many entrepreneurs underestimate this), and much more.

Learning how other entrepreneurs “level up”, what obstacles they encountered, and how they overcame them helps you make better decisions in your own business.

Lesson 2: Important Lessons the Pandemic Taught Us Which We Won’t Soon Forget

Tom and Nick share what Rock Star did to thrive during the turbulent markets of the last few years. They share their wins and losses and all the lessons learned during the course of the pandemic. They also share the business fundamentals that gave them the confidence to keep Rock Star afloat even with the prospect of reduced revenue looming every day.

Lesson 3: The Tahinis Story: How to Grow A Local Restaurant Business, Leverage Social Media, Balance Sheet Optimization & Franchising

Tom speaks to the owners of Tahini - Ali, and Omar who have broken the norm on how to market their shawarma restaurant and have used social media as an arsenal to propel their business. They’ve grown from one restaurant out of London, Ontario to a chain of franchises all across Ontario. They’ve set their goals to dominate the Canadian market in the near future and also plan to set foot in America. Ali and Omar also share their challenges and how they used it to their advantage to build a whole new business. This is one inspiring story that you just can’t miss!

Lesson 4: The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Deciding to invest in real estate also means you’re deciding to become an entrepreneur. While it’s important to have the drive necessary to become an entrepreneur it’s also equally important to have the entrepreneur mindset to be successful. Tom and Nick share their entrepreneurial fundamentals and 9 critical components for entrepreneurial success. 

BONUS #3: Rock Star’s Practical Guide to Running Your Own Real Estate Empire ($1,449 Value)

Investing in real estate is a business, and it should be treated as such. That doesn’t mean you need to be a shark to succeed. What you do need is a practical toolkit you can put to use to grow your business. With ‘Rock Star’s Practical Guide To Running Your Own Business’, you’ll receive a 4-part video series including a proven roadmap, marketing secrets that’ll set you apart from the competition, a guide to creating business exposure, and the tools to make it all possible.

Lesson 1: Rock Star Business Building Roadmap & How to Tackle Today’s Economy

Tom walks through the Rock Star Business Building Guide. This is the very blueprint that helped take Rock Star from zero to a multi-million-dollar business. Whether you’re a novice, or already running a business, this guide will provide the simple and repeatable steps to grow your business to the next level.

Lesson 2: What’s Working in The Real World: Technology, Websites & Marketing Systems

The Rock Star marketing team deep dives into marketing funnels, landing pages, social media ads, and testing. Discover how email marketing dynamics are changing and what you need to focus on to achieve the best results.

Lesson 3: The Podcasting Opportunity & How to Maximize Your Business Exposure

Tom explains why podcasting has become a critical marketing medium for all businesses, including real estate investors. He also reveals the entire process and the equipment we use at the Rock Star office to get a podcast episode online. If you’re looking to get started or can’t decide if podcasting needs to be part of your marketing efforts, then this is for you.

Lesson 4: Tool Time: The Apps, Processes, Shortcuts & Technology to Grow Your Business

Nick shares a ton of tools that we use at the Rock Star office to get a lot of our work done. These tools have helped us increase our productivity and deliver some stellar marketing campaigns. From getting blazing load times on the website to managing your teams, we share all the tools that have helped us scale.

BONUS #4: Online Marketing Foundations - A Proven Step-by-Step Formula to Create, Run & Master Your Very Own Online Marketing ($397 Value)

We’ve put together our own step-by-step system for creating a solid online marketing foundation and we’ve built it slowly and steadily over the years. It’s a system that has totally empowered us to grow from almost no sales at all, to shocking our accountant with seven figures in revenues.

And now, finally, we’re ready to share our ‘secret formula’ with you. The best part is that these simple steps work, whether you’re selling a product, service, program, course, or a live event. Your business doesn’t need to be a huge global enterprise, you can run a very successful online marketing operation part-time from home, just like we did!

BONUS #5: Creating Cash Flow From Scratch – Zero Dollars and Zero Clients to Seven Figures ($525 Value)

As investors, we all know the importance of cash flow.

Creating more cash flow is the number one reason we see people start investing in properties.

But the cash flow isn’t for the properties, it’s for their lives, and like anything, there are stages to it.

This is where we cover the 6 stages of growing a business from $0 to $2.5 million and beyond, along with the core components of each.

This is essentially a roadmap for any income producing venture you’re a part of, whether it’s becoming a full-time investor, starting a professional clinic, running an international company online, or anything else.

This ISN’T for people looking for the latest fads or flash in the pan tactics.

It’s the real stuff.

These are the lessons we’ve learned from taking our companies from $0 to eight figures of income. Things like:

  • What to absolutely avoid in Stage 1, which will put you out of business before you start
  • The single most important system you can develop to create longevity and limit competition
  • What software to use and when
  • The key team members needed and at what stage to bring them on board
  • How to effectively move from “working in” your business to “working on” your business
  • What to outsource and what to keep control of
  • How to attract people to be part of it all
  • Whether it’s building a real estate empire or a different source of cash flow, this is a roadmap to follow to have greater results in less time.


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What is money?

The question is simple, but the answer is not.

Pulling back the curtain on ideas at the heart of the modern monetary renaissance, Magic Internet Money takes you on a timely journey through the intertwined worlds of money and Bitcoin. Discussing a variety of related topics - such as banking, cryptography, economics, and governance - in plain language, this illuminating tale examines many common assumptions about money, challenging readers to re-think its role in society.

Packed with striking imagery and descriptions, this book is as entertaining as it is insightful, shattering popular misconceptions and unraveling the promise of sound money – and in particular, Bitcoin – to usher in a brighter future for all of us.

Written by Jesse Berger, this is must read for a better understanding into how money works and how it’s evolving!


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This is fact, not fiction.

Our brains are pre-wired to seek familiarity and safety.

Which means it doesn’t like it when we take strides to reach new heights.

But by understanding this, we can use it to our advantage.

Whether you like to “geek out” on this type of thing or not, the lessons here are immediately applicable.

This presentation, from 3 years ago, was called by some members one of the best and most impactful they’ve seen.

Others attributed some of the strategies directly to overcoming roadblocks that were in their way for years.

This will be the first time we’re distributing the presentation in its entirety with the supporting materials to go with it. Together, they act as your own roadmap for performance.

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Inflation is raising the cost of everything, eating at our savings. And while owning good assets, like real estate helps protect your money, we know that saving every dollar makes a difference.

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