"I am an Architectural Technologist by profession. I have worked in the field of Architecture for 29 years. 10 years in Kenya and Seychelles Islands and the last 19 years in Montreal. My wife and I owned a few rental properties in Montreal, got seriously burnt with my investments during the recession of the 80s. My wife and 2 teenage children moved to Toronto where I had to make a career change to "sales" to be able to feed my family as jobs in the building related field were very scarce. While in Toronto, I attended several lectures/ workshops promoting investment in real estate. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with any until I was invited to attend one of Rock Star's meetings. I was mostly impressed with Rock Star because they were promoting the truth and did not seem to have any hidden agendas. It seemed pretty straight forward according to my experience in investment properties. Later, I was fortunate to have Mike as my coach who reinforced my opinion about Rock Star. So far we have two rent to owns in Barrie and hope to increase our portfolio. I am near retirement with little to fall back on, so I have made it my mission to make Real Estate my retirement insurance. Thanks to Dion Beg who introduced me to Rock Star and thanks to the Rock Star family who opened the doors to Investment property for me once again. Since we had been burnt with our experience in real estate, it took a lot of courage for my wife and I to give real estate another chance towards the last leg of our journey in life."

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