I have been coming to your Event's for the last three years. These are powerful meetings and every time I leave I think to myself—"I am gonna buy another house." I think your meetings are relevant to today's busy life and I love your take on the economy and currency.

Tom—your inner passion for this subject shows through your presentation. You should be the Prime Minister! Or maybe the Economic/Finance Minister—something to add to your bucket list. I think Canada would be a better place.

Nick you are also a terrific speaker and presenter and I think the two of you bounce positivity off each other. It shows.

I think both of you strive for continuous growth and learning. You read everything. What you learn, you share. That in itself moves you forward and that is why you are so relevant and your events are so powerful.

I love that you talk about all of us and our deals. That gives me great assurance. These events keep me feeling personally connected to real estate investing.

I feel passionate about it, and I think I share that feeling with many of the members in attendance including my family.

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