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Creating & Growing Streams of Income Online and Offline

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December 2, 2021 | Mississauga Convention Centre
75 Derry Rd W, Mississauga

On December 2nd, Tom & Nick Karadza are joining forces with experienced investors and business people in Oakville to share…

“The Most Important Closed Door Tactics on Creating and Growing Multiple Streams of Income Online and Offline”

In this jam-packed day we will share…

The MUST-HAVE systems every entrepreneur needs to systematically keep money rolling in. Only a small number of entrepreneurs make it… really make it. Worrying about how your next customer will find you or where the cash for your overdue rent payment will come from isn’t the goal. It doesn’t have to be that way. A few simple systems can change the profit and predictability of your business, it’s time to put them in place.
How to avoid the #1 reason entrepreneurs throw in the towel: It’s almost considered normal for entrepreneurs to be tied to their business. Running constantly, without any direction. The latest term for it is “Hustle”. Almost as if it’s expected once you leave your job you should be working 80 hour weeks instead of 40. The problem is you can’t “hustle” at 110% forever. Something will eventually break. But it doesn't have to, not even close.

How to ensure your business is helping you live life on your terms: If you decided to step out on your own because the dream of freedom and flexibility was too good to ignore, then shouldn’t you be ensuring that’s what you’re getting?

In this letter
(and this letter only)…

You’ll find out how two brothers from Mississauga with no formal business experience or education took an idea from the concrete floors of their unfinished basement to one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies for five straight years, and how you can follow the same systems to do it too. of" nested selector system.

Hey there,
Like you, we're fans of cash flow.
The more the better.
Whether it's coming from our real estate investments or elsewhere, the more streams of income the better.
Early on in our careers, we realized this and it's been a constant ever since.
After all, would you rather one stream of income or many? What choices would you make differently if you had the stability of cash flow coming from many different places in your life?
The most reliable and profitable streams of income we've controlled have been businesses and real estate investing.
We've had others, but these are the ones which have really allowed us to live life on our terms.
It's why we're so passionate about the Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit.
This isn't your typical business conference.
In fact, it's far from it.
On purpose.
It's not filled with hype and motivational talks. Instead, it's focused on outlining the exact blueprint you need to build or grow a business from $0 to eight figures of income.
We're not talking about theory here, we're tackling in-the-trenches strategies based on first-hand information.
We've actually done what we're explaining, and are still doing it today.
Combined, we've invested at least $550,000 in business and marketing education, learning and meeting with top experts in the field. This knowledge helped build Rock Star Real Estate from nothing (zero customers, zero leads, zero leverage, zero everything!) to one of Canada's fastest growing business for multiple years in a row, profitable, and without debt.

Let’s be clear: We’re not holding this event out of self-interest

This is happening because past ones have already helped other people live life on their terms and we truly believe it can do the same for others. With this promise in mind, we back this event with the biggest guarantee we’ve ever offered.

The Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit will provide you with the tools and systems to create and grow your business streams of income online and offline. From $0 to eight figures, we have the roadmap for you! In one days, you will learn a career’s worth of entrepreneurship knowledge.

Yeah, We Know…Your Business Is Different, Right?.

"Hey Tom, Killer boot camp last weekend! I wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks for all of the suggestions, support, and encouragement you gave me. I've been brainstorming non-stop all week, and am gearing up to develop valuable offers for my product. After I begin implementing some of these ideas I will definitely touch base with you, and hopefully, meet with you at a time that's convenient. I haven't heard anything about the Facebook group yet, but I'm excited to continue the conversation with our amazing group of entrepreneurs as well. Once again, thank you for filling the weekend with positive energy and sound business advice. Yours and Nick's hospitality is always first class! Cheers!"
- Rishi Malhotra, Burlington, ON

We know what you’re thinking, “My business has nothing to do with real estate. What do Tom & Nick know about *insert your business here*?”

It’s true, we probably don’t know how to do whatever it is you do, or all the features of what you sell, but the fact is, it doesn’t matter what product or service your business offers.

In ANY business, there is a way to move up to the next level of cash flow. There is a better, higher calibre, more valuable customer/client/patient you can have – often, exponentially more valuable.
A Universal Understanding About What Businesses Need
EVERY business has it’s own “Big Leagues,” but getting there is a universal process.
EVERY business needs to establish the same groundwork to continue to grow.
EVERY business starts with lead generation.

A business needs an audience they can reach. Being able to expand that list and then turn that list into customers is the most valuable piece of information any business can know how to do.
We’ve never stopped investing in our list. In fact, our list growth remains our biggest investment. We currently work with hundreds and hundreds of investors, which is great, but what’s really exciting is that we have tens of thousands of people locally we reach out to every week.
So you’re half right. We work in real estate, and we aren’t experts in the product you’re offering. However, our business growth has been dependent on marketing and sales systems and so is yours (even if you don’t know it yet!).

Hello Tom & Nick Well, kudos to you and your team for another successful event at the 2-day marketing summit. If knowledge is power, I feel like Wonder Woman! With 2 solid days of absorbing as much learning as my brain would allow, I've left the summit with so much motivation and expectations as I prepare for the trip to China. The timing could not have been better! You deserve a chill weekend! We'd love to have you over for a glass of wine at the Tiki Bar!
- Dianna Duffy, Oakville, ON

The Difference Between Wealth vs. Income and What You Need to Focus On

Income isn’t the primary goal of our business, and it shouldn’t be yours either.

Money is great and it can be a lot of fun to see it come in as your business starts to grow.

However, if your money isn’t working for you, then you can never stop working for money.  That philosophy has been one of the driving factors to grow a business that provides us with wealth and not just income.

We define wealth as when your assets are working for you giving you the freedom of choice and the ability to live life on your terms.

Let’s make that clear, wealth requires assets.

We Can’t Predict The Future, But We Can Be Prepared For it

Any business market could crash in the blink of an eye.  While sales may be up today, they could be gone tomorrow. Right now, a job in real estate can be a great way to bring in income, but there are no guarantees that things are going to stay this hot forever. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that at some point the market is going to change and a job in real estate is going to get substantially more challenging. That's why one of the core focusses of our business is marketing.

The key to continued wealth in business is to know how to get attention from prospective customers, and how to properly build a relationship with them. That’s how you market a product, any product, and make it hold value in the consumers’ eye. That knowledge is the most valuable asset of all.  It takes the power out of the market and puts control in your hands.

Invest in Yourself: If You Won’t, Who Will?

You’re a Rock Star member for a reason. It’s a tool to help you reach your end goal, whatever that is. It’s a catalyst to living life on your terms. It means you know the benefit of investing in a program to grow wealth.

When most people hear that we’ve spent more than $550,000 learning how to grow a successful business they look at us like we’re crazy.  The thing is, it paid off.  We don’t say that to boast about how well Rock Star has done, but to let you know that we’ve seen a direct return on our investment.   We paid for knowledge that helps us create something successful.

We invested in ourselves. Not everything we learned turned out to be a gold nugget, but we continued to learn and develop a system that actually works.  We put in the time and money to figure this out, and now we’re offering this knowledge to you, with a focus on the gold nuggets. When it comes to you and your business, it’s invaluable to learn about other investors ‘level up’ or even pitfalls, it helps you build better decisions regarding a business of your own.

If You Were Offered A Map to A Hidden Treasure, Would You Take It?

This isn’t a “get rich quick” program because as far as we know, there isn’t a formula to become a millionaire overnight. If we’re wrong, please let us know ;).

This is a formula, or blueprint, that can grow a business from nothing to seven figures and then keep it growing to eight figures. These 2 days will cover the essential lessons every business owner needs to know if they want to create multiple constantly growing streams of income.

If you’re an entrepreneur or have an interest in becoming one, you may be asking yourself what’s your next move. You’re somewhere on the journey, but without a clear roadmap, you’re going to waste a lot of time needlessly trying to figure out how to move forward.
Imagine you came across an explorer who told you about a buried treasure that’d make you as rich as a king. He’s willing to draw you a map to it, but he wants compensation for his knowledge. Would you pay the small price for the map, or would you say screw it and try to find the gold without the map? It seems like a natural choice.

Things are far easier with directions, be it baking a cake, building furniture, or searching for buried treasure.

Sure, you may eventually find where you wanted to go, or through trial and error finally bake a great cake, but why waste your time (and money) forgoing the set of instructions so readily accessible to you?

The same thing applies to building and growing a business. With a bit of luck and a lot of trial and error you could possibly build a company, but why not make life easier and invest in a guide that you can follow?


What Can You Learn In 1 Day?

We only have 1 day to cover a career’s worth of information, but we know this is valuable content, so we’re leaving nothing out. That means this will be a fast-paced day, so we hope you're ready to learn. Here’s a look at the type of things we've covered at the past Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit.

The Rock Star Business Building Blueprint - 10 Years and Over $1 Million Dollars In The Making

We managed to cut out all the stuff that doesn't matter and create a single page blueprint to follow which will build any type of business. It was derived directly from the lesson of over one million dollars in direct marketing spend in all sorts of media. This alone has completely revamped businesses for growth.

The 6 Stages of Cash Flow Creation

There's a hierarchy to business growth. Goals and challenges are going to change as your company grows. From reaching your first $100K in revenue to breaking the $1 million mark, your business is going to have different needs. 0 to $100k
$100k to $250k
$250K to $500k
$500k to $1 Million
$1 Million to $2 Million
$2 Million & Beyond

Step-by-Step: Building Marketing Campaigns For The Real World That Produce Consistent Results

We all know that marketing can drive business growth, but the question is what works? Most entrepreneurs take their advice from the reps selling them the ads. Doesn't seem like the best approach, does it? We've actually seen our best results by going completely against what their "expert" advice is. Marketing doesn't have to be a mysterious black box, which a few simple rules and focusing on one single thing you can have greater results than you ever thought possible.

How to Sell Products Online Profitably and Then Scale

Although it's no longer new, creating an online business still has a lot of opportunities. Or maybe you have one you're looking to grow. We bring in experts in the field who started small but grew their businesses substantially and now travel the world to find good products to develop into brands using the latest online eCommerce strategies.

How To Grow and Manage Your Team With Less Time and Better Results Than Before

Although you may want to, you can't do it all. The key to success in anything is building a good team around you. But that, in itself can be a daunting challenge. This is the exact system we've developed and used successfully to hire new people and the processes we use to onboard them and manage tasks within the company.

Social Media – Waste of Time Or Untapped Opportunity?

Things change. Fast. Faster than ever. Especially in the social media world. With all the change, is it worth it to try and keep up with everything? Or can you survive without it? We do a dive into the latest and greatest out there to show you what's producing profitable results for people and what is just a smokescreen.

The Essential Pieces Needed For Success

If your business is going to succeed, there are a handful of essentials you can't ignore. Personal Development – what to pay attention to and ignore
• Effective Time Management Strategies
• Money Attraction Principles
• Where to spend and where to invest

Thinking Outside The Money Box: New Ways To Grow Your Revenues

Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees. We get so caught up in our day to day routine that we miss some big opportunities right in front of us. For every entrepreneur, there are small tweaks to their product selection that can make an immediate difference to the bottom line, and usually with little or no extra work. It's these types of "small hinges" which swing "big doors" of opportunity.

Tool Time: A Behind The Scenes Look At The Productivity and Software Tools Which Have The Biggest Impact

Don't waste your time and money on fancy tools that don't work. There are tools and services that can "help" you do pretty much any and every aspect of your business. Some are worth the investment, and others are more effort than they're worth.

How to Build Your Own Marketing Money Machine

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business, but without a clear plan, it has the greatest risk of wasted time and money. Together we’ll map out each step of a brand new system that produces consistent, repeatable, and dependable results. This is the rarely identified key to consistent cash flow.

Secret Selling with Integrity: How to Leverage Influential Writing To Supercharge Your Business

How to increase your authority, maximize your persuasion and add incredible leverage to your business

Bookkeeping and Canadian Tax Strategies, internal Processes, Sales & Marketing Meetings & Cash Flow Management

Streamlining business productivity, reducing expenses and setting your business up for success.

The True Value of a Business & How To Build It Effortlessly

Purely focusing on income will never make you real wealth. Learn how to incorporate leverage and build equity in your business (and it's not what you think)


Decisions and Action Time
(WARNING: It’s Now or Never.)

The Rock Star Entrepreneur Summit is a limited opportunity. Each of the past Summits have been completely full. We have to book space well in advance meaning there is a hard cap on the number of people who can attend.

Over half the people who came to the last one renewed on the spot without even knowing the agenda, dates, or location for the 2020 Summit. There is demand for these spots. If you hesitate, there is a real chance you will miss out. This is the big decision time. This isn’t about attending a one-day summit, but whether or not you are serious about growing and expanding your entrepreneurial path, business, creating wealth, and getting your money to work for you.

"My wife and my sister-in-law went to the Summit, and both of them found the information from the training is so valuable about starting and /or operate a good business, they called me up on the last day of the Summit and told me I have to check it out, if I am planning to start any business. I trust what they said, and the quality of all the Rock Star training always offer. So I had paid for the 2019 Summit for myself and my wife already. I am looking forward to it next year."
- Hubert Shen, Hamilton, ON

We wouldn’t be offering this program if we didn’t believe you’d benefit from it. That is why we are offering a guarantee with registration. If at ANY time prior to, or during, the first day of the program you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake and that you don’t belong here, or you are otherwise disappointed, you need only say so and receive 100% fee refund, no questions asked.

It’s time to ask yourself, do you want to invest in your future by learning the proven formula for creating and growing income streams online and offline? Or will you give up the opportunity to find out how to build your business?

It’s your choice. Don’t hesitate and miss out, fill out and send back the registration form today!
All the best,

P.S. EARLY RESPONDER BONUS: Bring A Guest For Almost Nothing
We know that starting and running a business can be stressful and you’re going to need support. That’s why all registrants can bring a business partner for $400+ HST. They must be a verifiable business partner, a key employee, or a direct family member. It’s incredibly valuable to have an extra set of eyes and ears learning all of the same in-depth content as you. This is going to be someone who can take that knowledge and help you implement it in your business.

Rock Star Guarantee: If at ANY time, prior to or on the day of the program, you honestly believe you've made a mistake and that you don't belong here, or you are otherwise disappointed, you need only say so and you'll receive a 100% fee refund, no questions asked.


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