The Rock Star Economic & Local Real Estate Market Spring Update

Giving Investors The Information Advantage They Need To Stay Ahead Of The Pack!

Saturday, May 15 | 8:30 am EST | Live on Zoom

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Real estate investors need to stay on top of what’s happening in the economy and the local real estate markets.

That’s how we spot opportunities other investors can’t see, and act fast by understanding the big trends that determine where the economy and prices are heading.

We know that having an information advantage is essential.

On Saturday, May 15 we’re going to go behind the fluffy headlines thrown at us and take a real look at the most important things impacting investors right now:
➤ Why the whole financial game will never be the same and what it means for us➤ Will record demand continue to push prices skyward?➤ Why interest rates are likely to stay low as they have been for the last 11 years…despite the Bank of Canada’s claims otherwise➤ The strategies investors are using to generate cash flow from their properties today even at record prices➤ How to protect your savings and profits from the government as they continue their massive spending spree
If you’re serious about real estate investing, this is a day you do NOT want to miss.
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Why we ignore the “Experts” and why you should too

When we first started investing experienced people told us the strategies we were using wouldn’t work.

When we started Rock Star to work with investors, we were told the business model was sure to fail by industry veterans who we respected.

When the 2008 financial crisis passed, mortgage experts warned us of the rate rises around the corner.

Except their warnings never came true. In fact, rates are the lowest they’ve ever been for over a decade.

On almost every major step of our journey the “experts” told us why we couldn’t do what we’ve done.

It’s why we continue to dig deep for the information we need to make profitable decisions which work for us.

If you read the mainstream headlines, you’ll get the sense that housing prices and stock market valuations are at a breaking point:
➤ “Real Estate Bubble Ready To Burst?” - Toronto Sun➤ “Will The Canadian Housing Market Crash?” – The Motley Fool➤ “Dow Jumps Nearly 300 Points To A Record High, Gains 2% For The Week” 
➤ “S&P 500 Ends At Record As Stocks Shake Off JNJ Vaccine Pause And Bond-Yield Slide” – MarketWatch
But what if none of that is true?

What if the markets still have a way to go?

What if they’re going to continue to trend upwards for years to come?

We’re in the middle of MASSIVE financial changes on a global scale like we’ve never seen before.

And no one’s talking about it!

Even seasoned economists are missing out on what’s really happening in the global and Canadian economy right now….

…because they’re relying on old models to try and figure out what is going on and failing badly!

The good news is it’s not too late for any of us…yet.

At the Rock Star Spring Update we’ll be taking a look at…
➤ The one thing we’ve realized has changed and is impacting financial assets everywhere➤ How to shield ourselves from the fast-approaching tsunami that will reshape how you look at investing for years to come➤ Why the average person is not aware of what’s already been set in motion➤ The long-term impacts on your family’s financial picture➤ How this structural change is going to impact us with our local investing strategies and the properties we choose
The question isn’t whether or not things WILL change.

They’re changing right now.

We should be asking ourselves “how long until these changes impact our day to day lives?

All signs point towards it being sooner than you may think.
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The Most Important Market Trends Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

Do you remember why you started investing in real estate?

For most of us it had something to do with the way we felt while forcing ourselves out of bed and into the daily grind…

working a minimum of 40 hours a week, often on things we didn’t like at all…

earning a paycheque that was primarily spent on never-ending bills…

picturing our lives for the next 20 or 30 years and thinking: “there’s got to be something more

Whether that was your reason or a different one, something was triggered inside of us to look for other sources of income.

And we jumped right in.

Maybe there was a bit of reading (podcasts or YouTube videos in today’s world), and a presentation or two at most.

Looking back, it’s easy to see we were flying blind.

And action IS better than inaction.

But if we had combined that with a more in-depth understanding of what was happening with local markets the fruits of our labour could have been far more.

Here’s what we’re looking at for our own investing now and what’s in store for the Rock Star Spring Update:
➤ Have the gains been had in real estate or are there more to come? ➤ What overlooked areas are giving investors the best cash flow right now?➤ A simple strategy to evaluate any real estate market to get a real time snapshot of supply and demand instead of relying on backwards looking data➤ How the pandemic has changed investing for investors and the adjustments needed now➤ An on-the-street look at supply, demand, prices, and rents
It’s the information we wish we had when we started, and we still use for our investing decisions today.
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Go back to when you first started investing in real estate…

What was your reason? Your true reason for deciding to buy that first investment property.

Financial freedom, maybe?

Additional source of income?

Protecting your money from inflation?

For us it was the reason was pretty simple: we wanted the freedom to live our lives the way we choose.

To be in control of our time…our money…and ultimately, our lives.

Whatever your reason for getting started…let it fuel your motivation to keep going!

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