Rock Star Business Essentials:

From Zero to Canada's Profit 500 - Building a Lifestyle Business

In this 2-day class we’ll cover:

  • Module #1: Mindset – The Principle Driven Approach
    Business may not be easy but it is rather simple. Using principles to guide you can streamline your decision making. We’ll cover the key principles in each of:
    ° Personal Development & Your Mindset
    ° Time Management Strategies for Business
    ° Sales & Marketing Principles
    ° Investment & Money
  • Module #2: Plan Your Life & Your Business – Live Workshop
    We’ll take time to think and plan together. What do you want to help people with? What is the vision for your business? What principles will it operate with? What is the product or service? How much will it be sold for? What are the competitive advantages, disadvantages? What trends in the economy and marketplace are working to your advantages?
  • Module #3: Systems – Building Your Own Money Machine
    We’ll take the principles covered in Module #1 and turn them into real world results. Together we’ll map out each step of a brand new business system that produces consistent, repeatable, dependable results. How to leverage your own skills, interests and even frustrations.
  • Module #4: Tactics – Business Tools to Streamline Your Growth
    The software packages, website designs, email systems, templates, automation and everything else you can use to leverage your time and your growth.
  • Module #5: Big Picture – Key Performance Indicators & Goals Setting that Works
    Setting budgets is often the most confusing part of business. So are setting your goals. We’ll take the mystery out of marketing budgets, sales forecasts and hone in on the key numbers that deserve all your attention.
  • Module #6: People – Culture, Team Building, Hiring, Firing & Profiling
    When to hire, how to hire. What personality types to look for in different positions. We’ll share when to use contractors versus hiring a full-time employee. Pay structures, commission plans and how to use bonuses effectively.
  • Module #7: Preparing for Growth – Corporate Structures, Operations, Taxes and Daily Management
    When and where to use holding companies, how to structure bank accounts, how much cash to keep available. We’ll also cover how to setup internal team meetings even for 2-3 person groups, management styles and setting your big vision.

Saturday November 21- Sunday November 22, 2015


Oakville/Mississauga Area (TBD)


Non-Rock Star Members:
$2,250 (plus HST)
Rock Star Members:
$1,990 (Plus HST)
Rock Star VIP Members:
$1,750 (plus HST)
Second Seat for Direct Business Partner of Family Member:
Half Price


Friday October 23, 2015

Thursday October 8, 2015
includes 12+ hours of Rock Star Marketing Education Audios ($1,500 value)


Bonus Registration Deadline:
Thursday October 8, 2015

Rock Star Guarantee: If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, 100% money back guarantee.

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