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They All Laughed At Us When We Told Them Our Business Idea, But When They Saw The Results They Wanted To Know How We Did It

Hey there,

If we’re right about you, you often feel like the odd man (or woman) out.

You have ideas that seem borderline “nuts” to other people and have to listen to a list of reasons why those ideas won’t work.

We were in the exact same place.

When we had the idea to start a real estate brokerage which would only work with our own investment group members it felt like a breakthrough.  To Us, it was what every investor would want.

We immediately rushed out and started building a team of professionals around us to help achieve the results we wanted.

Our second meeting was with someone who had been in the industry for a while and had a solid track record.  His opinion carried some weight with us. With excitement, we outlined our “brilliant” idea.

He leaned back in his chair, folded his hands, looked us right in the eye and said, “I like you guys, but it won’t work, there’s no way.”


There goes our balloon.

We thought we had every angle covered, but here was a successful entrepreneur telling us we didn’t stand a chance.

Well, the ignorance that youth brings can be blissful because we ignored him and decided to do it anyway.

We jumped into an industry we had no experience in.

This meant we had no clients to help us get off the ground, no strategies we could leverage, and no “best practices” to follow.


From there we went on to build a multiple seven figure business which has been named as one of the 500 fastest growing businesses in Canada repeatedly.

By most accounts, that would mean we were successful.  But that’s just financial success, it’s been much more than that.

  • We enjoy the people we work with and we work as a team which is not the norm in the industry.
  • The results everyone helps create truly help the people we work for, our members.
  • We’re able to choose our clients so we don’t feel stuck working with people who aren’t a fit or grasping at opportunities which aren’t right.
  • We’ve built in flexibility into our business to allow us freedoms many entrepreneurs only dream of.
  • Our lives aren’t just the business.  We spend time with our families, take month long vacations, and have time to take care of ourselves as well.

So how did we get from an idea that didn’t have a chance to this point? 

As any entrepreneur knows, it wasn’t luck. 

You see, we started the business with an intense focus on systems. We picked the most important part of the business model and searched out people who had successfully done something like that before and then invested time and money to learn from them. 

We repeated this time and time again. 

Learning, implementing, find the next problem, and then scouring for the next solution. 

Although our business model was completely unique, the principles to build it didn’t have to be. They just had to be morphed to fit what we were doing. 

Looking back, we could both have degrees from multiple Ivy League schools for the amount of money we invested in self-education. 

Not to mention the cost of actual implementation. 

But what we’ve done isn’t really unique to our business. 

In fact, the same lessons, systems, strategies, and principles we use can be applied to any business. 

We’ve already seen it happen. 

There have been two times in the past where we’ve given people a behind the scenes look into the operational side of our business, and both times there were multiple people who had big, profitable breakthroughs because of it. 

These were gym owners, florists, martial arts practitioners, online retailers, financial advisors, marketers, and a range of other industries. 

Seeing their results has been awesome. It’s exciting and energizing to us. 

This is why we’ve decided to work one on one with a small number of entrepreneurs to take what we’ve implemented and customized it for them. This definitely won’t be for everybody. 

But if you’re someone who has a revenue producing business already and wants to take it to another level you then it’s worth considering. 

This isn’t high-level theory that leaves you wondering what to do.

This is taking you through the steps you need to implement to get where you want to be, and it’s all from the first-hand experience. 

If you know us in any capacity you know that we cut right to the point. 

So if your soft, so to speak, and can’t handle straight talk then you may want a different approach. We’re looking for people who not focused on thinking but want to get things done.

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