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Rock Star Inner Circle Referral Program

Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have your friends share your Rock Star Journey with you?

Know someone interested in real estate investing but they don’t know where to begin?

Or someone already investing who is looking for next steps, more options, or a group of local investors to take them to the next level?

If you mention the Rock Star Inner Circle and they sign up, you’ll have your choice of 1 of 3 gifts!

1) $100 Dollar Amazon Gift Card

2) 3-Month Complimentary Rock Star Membership

3) Extreme Student Rental Cashflow Blueprint

Here’s How It Works:

When you refer a friend to the Rock Star Inner Circle we will:

  1. Call them from our office and register them for a FREE 90-minute Training Class in the Rock Star office

  2. Add them to our weekly email Newsletter

Once your friend becomes an Inner Circle Member you will receive your chosen gift.

Provide Us With Your Friend's Details Below And We'll Take Care Of The Rest

Check out the smiling faces on these amazing Rock Star Inner Circle members who referred their friends into the program...

Lew King

Mississauga, ON

Matt & Gino Spada

Ridgeway, ON

Michelle Spencer

Mississauga, ON

Damion Gibbs

Brampton, ON

Aldo Martone

Guelph, ON

Aaron Mueller

Burlington, ON

Julie Vance

Ancaster, ON

Carlos Braga

Kitchener, ON

Thank You For All Of Your Referrals!