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Rock Star Investors at the 2019 Fall Your Life. Your Terms. Event
“our banker ran into me the other morning and said we're the only clients of his not complaining about how bad things are right now”
Our family survived two economic crises: the real estate crash in the 1990s, and the recession of 2008.

Since then, we’ve made it our mission to understand what's happening in the Canadian economy with a simple goal: to protect ourselves and our families during hard times.

If you’re a real estate investor with a full-time job and a family, you likely don’t have the time to go down the rabbit hole of government monetary policies or comb through dozens of charts on interest rates, money supply, debt, inflation, etc.

Nor do most people for that matter.

That’s why we offer this weekly newsletter to investors like you who should have access to this information without having to minor in Economics.
“To seasoned and newbie investors in RE... if you need to make connections, sharpen your tools, access credible and professional resources, create a plan and get started in RE... Rock Star is the place to do it in Southern Ontario...Rock Start helped get started in RE by offering training, support and guidance...they literally changed my life!!” 
– Robert Quintana, East York ON

Sign up Now to Get Weekly Actionable Strategies for Busy Investors

“If you want to be Wealthy, this is What you need to know”
We are big believers that time ‘in’  the market is the path to building wealth.

We see a lot of other investors try to ‘time’ the market end up losing out on golden opportunities as a result.

Opportunities that smart investors don’t waste time snapping up.
“I’ve worked with the guys at Rock Star Real Estate for over a decade and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They truly care about their investors and their passion for what they do is so apparent, it’s been an absolute pleasure learning and growing alongside these guys over the years. If anyone is remotely considering investing in real estate, Tom and Nick are the guys worth following. Read their book, attend their classes, and follow their processes...I promise you it will be the best decision of your investment career.”
– Julian Richards, Toronto ON
Every Thursday, you’ll learn:
The big trends that determine where the local market and prices are headed…and how you can use this to your advantage to spot opportunities other investors can’t see
How monetary policy and government spending habits impact interest rates…and how you can leverage this to predict where interest rates are headed so you can stay ahead of other investors
What’s happening in the economy both locally and around the world and how that impacts us as investors here in Ontario
Our favourite money-growing strategies that have consistently worked for us over the past 16 years…and how you can start applying them today and see results
The tools and technology investors are using to find great tenants and manage their properties
The tried-and-tested strategies investors are using successfully to find investor financing, buy income properties, and maximize their cash flow
PLUS, you'll get:
Access to free Canadian-specific real estate investing books teaching you how to create income for life, give you the step-by-step blueprint to investing in real estate in Canada, and more
Special Reports that dive into the population trends in Ontario, why the Canadian Middle Class is being destroyed, the pros and cons of going to university vs owning a home, the 4 main factors driving real estate prices that every investor should know, why Bitcoin should be the default protection for your wealth and assets, and more
Articles on the principles we rely on to build a successful 7-figure business, the lessons we learned from quitting our jobs to pursue real estate investing full-time, tips and strategies for real estate investors, and much more!
“Rock Star is a great organization of like-minded people with interest in real estate investing.
They provide invaluable knowledge and insights into the various topics through their in-person and online classes, as well as economic updates and events.” 
– Julia Kourkina, Toronto ON
No fluff, no theory, no BS.

Every week in your inbox, you’ll find actionable strategies that we use successfully for our own investing and that local investors are also using to make money in real estate.

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“They Laughed When We Quit Our Jobs to Invest in Real Estate…But Their Laughter Turned to Amazement at Our Success”
Do you remember why you started investing in real estate?

For most of us it had something to do with the way we felt while forcing ourselves out of bed and into the daily grind…

working a minimum of 40 hours a week, often on things we didn’t like at all…

earning a paycheque that was primarily spent on never-ending bills…

picturing our lives for the next 20 or 30 years and thinking: “there’s got to be something more”
“Tom and Nick and the whole Rockstar team really walk the walk and talk the talk based on their real-life experience. They are putting that experience into practice and helping people invest in real estate, lead healthier, happier lives and live life on your terms. I can’t say enough about this amazing group of people.” 
– Craig Swirzon, Burlington ON
Whether that was your reason or a different one, something was triggered inside of us to look for other sources of income.

Looking back, it’s easy to see we were flying blind.

And action IS better than inaction.

But if we had combined that with a more in-depth understanding of what was happening with local markets the fruits of our labour could have been far more.

The information we share with you every week is the information we wish we had when we started, and we still use for our investing decisions today.

When we first started investing, experienced people told us the strategies we were using wouldn’t work.
When we started Rock Star to work with investors, we were told the business model was sure to fail by industry veterans who we respected.

When the 2008 financial crisis passed, mortgage experts warned us of the rate rises around the corner.

Except their warnings never came true. In fact, rates are the lowest they’ve ever been for over a decade.

On almost every major step of our journey the “experts” told us why we couldn’t do what we’ve done.

It’s why we continue to dig deep for the information we need to make profitable decisions which work for us and for the investors we work with.
“I have taken a great interest in real estate investing and the team at Rockstar has helped me tremendously starting my journey. I plan on investing in more income properties and look forward to continue working with the rockstar team. This was an amazing experience and highly recommend to new or experience investors!” 
– Nathan Webster, Wilmot ON
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