New Real Estate Stats, Economic Updates & 2023 Trends – Coming Up!!

Message from Tom & Nick

OK-OK...Blue Jays-Blue Jays!


So a bunch of the Rock Star team hit the Blue Jays game on Tuesday.

And because TIFF is going on in town it was difficult to get a mini party/limo we ended up getting a full sized school bus.

We went old school to the Blue Jays game!

And the bus ride may have been the best part. It was a double header against Tampa, and the game we were at, they lost and it was admittedly a pretty boring affair.

But the yellow school bus ride was amazing, LOL!

We're all kids at heart apparently.

And part of the reason we went was Jenny, who has been part of the Rock Star team for 5 years, is moving on! She didn't want to make a big deal of her departure so we're calling it out here for everyone to know 😉

Thanks Jenny for everything you have done for us and for Rock Star!!

Last night, we hosted about 150 Rock Star VIP members in Oakville where we covered the importance of wills and "second wills" with a lawyer who specializes in them...

...Mike Desormeaux shared the latest real estate data, prices points, and rents that we're seeing. Rents, as expected, are staying super strong as real estate prices come down.

We all still need a place to live after all and the Golden Horseshoe is lacking in housing supply.

So as it gets harder to buy we're seeing rent demand stay strong.

Dave Butler and Dan Patton were in the house to chat about fixed rates, the bond market, variable rates, and the now infamous "trigger rates".

And we ended the night with a quick macroeconomic update for VIP members.

Fun times.

Next week, we're off to Florida for some quick real estate research in Jacksonville and a conference in Orlando.

That will lead us into the upcoming Your Life. Your Terms. Event on Saturday, October 1, 2022!

We have a jam-packed agenda.

Steve Jagger, co-Founder of, is flying in to share how technology is changing the game of real estate investing.

Michal and Lukasz Wywrot are going to be there to share how they've gone from building a custom home to now building a 12-storey, 180 unit, condo development.

Cherry Chan is going to dazzle us with her accounting knowledge around the uber popular "Smith Maneuver" for investors to make their primary place of residence mortgage more tax efficient.

My little brother, Nicholas Karadza, is going to share the very latest local Golden Horseshoe real estate stats, population stats, local migration trends, rent data (wait until you see this!) and housing activity.

And I'll be there with the latest, brand new Rock Star Economic Update. If there has ever been a time to understand what's going on in the global economy and how it will affect you right here - it's now!!

We can't stress this enough.

Understanding trends is super important.

We were investing in properties in Hamilton 20 years ago because we felt confident in the population trends we were seeing.

And then 10 years ago we got even more aggressive because we saw central bankers holding interest rates artificially low for far too long.

So what trends are we looking to ride over the next ten years?

What should we be excited about? What should we be slightly fearful of (and prepared for)?

This is exactly what we'll be discussing on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

You can learn more and check out all the details by visiting:

We have a promo going on right now that expires tomorrow at midnight.

If you're a Rock Star Inner Circle member and you haven't registered yet, just reach out to the Membership team to save your spot, or login to the Rock Star Membersite.

Last thing...

You know the best part of these events?

Hundreds and hundreds of investors all getting together to share stories, share opportunities, to share laughs, to sometimes cry and to support one another.

I'm convinced that when we look back at these years we won't remember the real estate as fondly as we remember the people, the friends and the family experiences that we've had.

These events have become that for amazing experience and gathering of friends and family.

See you there!!

In the meantime, I'm going to crush Nick at some serious Orlando volcano mini-golf next week. LOL!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend, everyone!

Tom & Nick Karadza

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