Random Updates from Croatia & The Adriatic Coast!

OK, the only thing this post has to do with Real Estate is the fact that we were there to buy furniture, design a kitchen and finalize payments.

My brother-in-law, Mario, decided to join me for this trip as he wanted to “scope out” out the country in advance of both of our families vacationing at the condo next summer.

One day we’ll write another post about the entire legal process we’ve been going through to own this as Canadians.  But for now we’re going to share the 10-day adventure that we went on…

To fly into Split, Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast you need to go via another European city.  Although we often fly in through Frankfurt this time our Lufthansa flight went via Düsseldorf, Germany.

Vegas & Zappos.com – Business in the Front, Party in the Back!

OK, this week’s update is really a blog post of the 72 hours in Las Vegas last week!  I got together with 6 old friends.

The trip started with a detour from Toronto to Montreal.  For some reason the only Las Vegas flights we could find that met our schedule were on WestJet and traveled to Sin City via Montreal.

But it was worth it because look who sat next to us on the plane!

Georges St-Pierre, one of the current UFC Welterweight Champion, and one of my favourite sports personalities sat down right next to us.  This prompted some urgent text messages to Nick before the plane took off….he’s also a huge fan of St-Pierre.  We actually went to see one of his fights in NJ just a few weeks ago.