“I Can Make You More Money In Real Estate Than Anyone”

 Who can you call an expert?

And how do you find them?

This week two separate incidents reminded us of several crazy experiences we’ve had ourselves trying to track down “experts” over the years that would help us make money.

About ten years ago, after some real estate training courses that we had taken, we were all jacked up to “go make some easy money” flipping properties.

Nick somehow found some guy who promised he could find us great real estate deals that we could “fix-n-flip” for some huge returns.

So we go down to this guys office and warning #1 pops up.

The office is on the second floor of a two storey strip mall that was extremely run down.

Not exactly the kind of place that instilled confidence.

Top 10 Real Estate Investor Resources That We Love

 We figured it was time to share a list of resources that you may find interesting.

You can find the usual interest rate stuff with some quick Google ninja searches.

This list is more a set of resources that hopefully really raise the bar in your real estate mastery and are designed around getting a handle on how the Canadian economy works.

This isn’t your typical “top real estate tools” or “top real estate techniques” list.  We like those too and we’ll save that for another time!


Let’s get busy…