Show Me The Money and Get In………I’ll Drive!

6a00e54fcc27ac883400e5540045858834-800wiI had a conversation with an investor who lives in Toronto recently.  She has been holding two rental properties for a few years but was looking to get back into action (good for her!).

We were speaking about opportunity in Ontario when she bluntly said, ‘Those don’t really make sense for me since they are not in my area”.

I must admit, I was a bit shocked.

My line of thinking is so different that it caught me off guard.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the way I think is the only way or the correct way.  But to me this is like having opportunity around the corner and not seeking it out because it won’t come knock on your front door.

Herd Mentality

No matter what you do or where you are you can view the mob mentality in action.

I actually wrote this blog post on my Blackberry while waiting for a movie to start but I had some problems with the Internet access so I couldn’t post it until now.

Because of the rainy Sunday afternoon, my wife and I decided to head out to a movie.

And with the big release of “The Dark Night” this weekend it was the obvious choice.

For the first time in a while I was willing to line up to spend hours with my eyes glued to a screen……but hey, we all need a break sometimes (although since I am writing this right you could say I am still working)……I know my wife would 😉

Canadian Lending Rules Are Changing

6a00e54fcc27ac883400e55395b0f28833-800wiHave you heard?

The Canadian government has decided to limit access to some of the newer mortgage programs that were available to home buyers.

You can take a look at the article here

Perhaps the best part of the article are the comments at the bottom.

It never ceases to amaze me how negative the majority of people I speak with are (just like the comments in the article).  No matter what the news is, they focus on the negative.

Long Weekend Lessons

So another long weekend is upon us, well kinda, I guess.

The workday on Monday throws a curveball at us this year but I think many of us will find a way around it 🙂

So how can long weekends and real estate investing possibly mix?

It gives us a chance to notice things that are going on only a short distance away from us.  Sometimes there is a great opportunity right under our noses but we are so ingrained in our daily routines we never get out there and explore.

Look at People as Dollar Signs Baby!

This might sound a bit harsh, but hear me out. I promise there is a great lesson here.

But first, let me explain why ‘Baby’ is in the title……..OK, there is no real reason except I thought it sounded good. Now that I have come clean let’s get to the point.

In business, it is important to understand your costs and your return on investment. I think that is fairly simple. But it seems that many people just have not clued in yet.

Recently I ran an ad in the local paper by our offices. This is a company and an ad rep that I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with, in less than two years. For the first time since I started working with this company, they ran the ad without my final approval.