This Is The Story Of How Our Aunt Went To Jail

Some family stories should perhaps be kept in the family.

But what the heck…

We all have family skeletons hidden in a closet somewhere, right?

So let’s do this.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that we *love* real estate, and we can obviously understand how you may come to that conclusion.

However, we actually only “love” real estate as a means to an end.  We’ve found very few asset classes that can beat the advantages real estate offers … cash flow, appreciation, equity build-up, and full asset control are all nice things to have working for you.

And to be fair, very few other asset classes, require you to be so “active” in your investing to generate “passive” income.

It’s a complex but very profitable relationship.

But we’re preaching to the choir right?

What we really *love* and what we really cherish isn’t real estate … it’s our personal freedom.  The freedom to do what we want, when we want it.

Real estate is one piece of our grande financial puzzle.  It serves us a purpose today and it will serve us an even greater purpose ten years from now as more and more debt gets paid off.

Real estate is right up there with creating and running our own businesses.

And because we take this seriously we prefer to have an information advantage when we make decisions about acquiring new assets.

So we read, we observe, we study current events and more importantly we study history.

We study the history of money and we even study the history of our family.

And part of our family history involves our Aunt.

She was an amazing lady who is no longer with us … but her legend will be passed on for generations.

Now, before we go further we need to promise you that this week’s article has some huge lessons in it. We won’t call them, instead we’ll let you decide what they are.

So here goes…