What’s Your Outlook?

binoculars2We received some emails last week about our people not being able to access our blog.

Oops…….That was me!

We switched to some new software and as I was trying to make some changes I put something in the wrong place and POOF, the site was down and we were locked out. 🙂

The last week and a half has been super interesting. The markets have made a move upwards while national and international governments have continued to create trillions of dollars of new funding for companies (Ontario’s budget is coming up, and the plan is to run a heavy deficit).

This has gotten a lot of people rushing around looking for a ‘great’ opportunity to jump on and ride this current wave.

From what I can see that is a real problem. People aren’t thinking long term!

Worries? – Don’t Miss The Video Below

It’s been a busy week around here….almost too busy.
There were many things that needed finishing and new projects coming up even faster than old ones could be completed. This has meant some long days and some deep thoughts late in the day when my mind needed a break. I have to admit I felt overwhelmed earlier this week and it led to some frustrating moments, but things were quickly put back into perspective when I saw the video below about Nick Vujicic.

2009: The Year of Passion

Here is some thoughts I had during my latest vacation.
I am sitting on the patio of my room in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as I write this. It’s a beautiful morning with the ocean breeze providing an orchestra of rustling palm leaves.


Before I left I was debating whether or not to bring my laptop. There were things I wanted to get done but people that know me were telling me that I was crazy,to just go, relax, and don’t think about the work that lies ahead.
But it didn’t feel right, a conversation with my wife while packing pointed me in the right direction. She knew that I am a much more satisfied (and happier!) person if I am able to get things accomplished during the day.
You can see from this picture which point of view won!
It doesn’t matter if I am on vacation or sick at home I always want to get things done, or be reading more, just progressing in some way.
It made me start to wonder if I was hooked on work. Did I really fall into the ‘workaholic’ category? I always prided myself on realizing there is more to life than that.

Can You Really Learn Something From A Hockey Game?

Tom and I play hockey once a week in a men’s league that we pay to be part of.  I say that to clarify it is no where near a top level league, but good hockey none the less. (You should see Tom’s slapshot with one of those new composite sticks, that is the best part of the whole game)

This crushing character to the left is our logo.  From my understanding someone that had done some work at Marvel Comics designed it for us.  It shows doesn’t it?

Camel Negotiations

Well, I am back from my trip abroad and it was definitely an ADVENTURE.

The difference between the Greek Islands and Cairo, Egypt were huge.  Seeing a country that is so culturally different to ours changes your perspective on so much.

There are so many stories but as my wife says ‘You always relate everything back to business” so I let’s talk about negotiating for a camel.

By the way, I don’t totally agree with my wife about relating things back to business.  But I do tend to always look for life lessons in many of the things I experience…..hey, I can’t help it!

OK take a look at this camel.

Camel Negotiations How could I resist the opportunity to have a this camel take me through the desert to see the Pyramids?

Uh oh, here comes the hard part.  The negotiation!

Actually, it is fun for me.  But it can be difficult sometimes.

The Red Patch Boys – Don’t Miss the Video

The Red Patch Boys

This is my friend Mike and I at the last TFC (Toronto Football Club) game.  We had a blast!

Mike is getting married in a couple of months, so it was one of the rare breaks he and his future bride got from planning the wedding.

I had heard that these games were fun, but that was definitely an understatement.

See the group over my left shoulder, where the big flag is?  My understanding is that the group sitting in that section is called ‘The Red Patch Boys’

Wow, do they ever make the game exciting!  They are singing, chanting, and stomping their feet during the whole game.  I must have told Mike ‘This is crazy!’ ten times during the game.

Herd Mentality

No matter what you do or where you are you can view the mob mentality in action.

I actually wrote this blog post on my Blackberry while waiting for a movie to start but I had some problems with the Internet access so I couldn’t post it until now.

Because of the rainy Sunday afternoon, my wife and I decided to head out to a movie.

And with the big release of “The Dark Night” this weekend it was the obvious choice.

For the first time in a while I was willing to line up to spend hours with my eyes glued to a screen……but hey, we all need a break sometimes (although since I am writing this right you could say I am still working)……I know my wife would 😉