Desperate Housewife Or High Achiever & Real Estate Developer? Your Call.

Eva Longoria ParkerEvery once in a while we’re guilty of assuming we can’t learn something from a particular person.

And almost every single time we’re proven wrong.

That happened to us again recently with Eva Longoria Parker, of “Desperate Housewives” TV fame.

She was featured in the the March 2010 edition of Success Magazine and we were genuinely shocked at how much she’s already accomplished.

There are multiple lessons in her story and we thought we’d summarize some of what we learned here with you…

Learning From ‘Doers’

nick-karadza-shoppingHere is a picture of me with my Mother and Mother In Law on Mother’s Day.  Try saying that ten times fast!

We went out for a nice brunch, where I ate so much I could barely move, and decided to take a walk afterwards.  We were on Front St. in Toronto and popped into a Winners where they started looking at handbags.  I am not a big shopper so my attention changed to taking goofy pictures.  How did I do?

During brunch my Mom told us that she had decided to travel to Brazil to explore some of the hidden wonders of the rain forest.  My mother is into naturapathic medicine and this is something she had thought about doing for quite some time.  I applaud her for taking the steps to do it.  It is not easy to venture out of your comfort zone on your own.

I learn a lot from my Mom about natural medicines and foods.  I feel I have a good teacher becasue she actually practices what she preaches.  She is living proof of the positive results people are in search of.  I am learning from a teacher that has a proven track record, proven results that I can learn from.

With a slow economy there are many more sales pitches from people teaching the next big money making idea, or maybe I just think there are more lately because I am more focused on them.  

It is very scary to see people learning from someone who has no track record.  I can’t see how any good can come from that.

The other thing I see a lot of lately is talk about ‘social media’.  it seems like ‘social media’ and ‘Web 2.0 (two point O)’ are the cool things to say in the media these days.  Things like Twtter, Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn have a common place on the daily news.

A Perfect Example

At the beginning of this year I wrote a post about living with passion. It got a lot of great feedback, it you missed it click here to take a look at it.

I was in Montreal this weekend with some friends for the hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, and I saw a perfect example of a passionate business. 

Yes, the hockey game was good too!  There was a lot of trash talking amongst the gorup of guys I went with (the trip was considered a stag party), but ultimately we were all friends in the end.  Which can be hard sometimes betweens fans of Toronto and Montreal.

While walking the streets of downtown Montreal I decided to walk into the Apple store.  In the past I have not been a big Apple supporter, in fact I may have given a graphic designer I know a hard time simply because their computers had one mouse button.  But, my recent iPhone purchase has made me eat my words.

What’s Your Outlook?

binoculars2We received some emails last week about our people not being able to access our blog.

Oops…….That was me!

We switched to some new software and as I was trying to make some changes I put something in the wrong place and POOF, the site was down and we were locked out. 🙂

The last week and a half has been super interesting. The markets have made a move upwards while national and international governments have continued to create trillions of dollars of new funding for companies (Ontario’s budget is coming up, and the plan is to run a heavy deficit).

This has gotten a lot of people rushing around looking for a ‘great’ opportunity to jump on and ride this current wave.

From what I can see that is a real problem. People aren’t thinking long term!

Lesson Learned: Be Careful What You Wish For

The beginning of February is always a time when winter starts to drag for me.  The days are still short, it is usually very cold (minus ‘something unthinkable to people in Florida’ WITHOUT windchill).  There is constant snow or slush on the ground.

My shoes and pants even get tired of all the salt stains they have had to endure by this point in the winter.

So I usually start counting down the days to March.  I know winter goes into March but it makes it seem closer to me and often there are some days where i can actually go outside without my nostrils sticking together.

This year has been a bit different in the Toronto area.  February really hasn’t been that nasty to us.

In fact, my wishes of spring arriving were granted as we had a few days of gourgeous weather and warm temperatures at the beginning of the month.

YAY for us right!  uuummm, not entirely.